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Holly Chism has a new series starting… Vampires no less!

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The Blurb-

Meg Turner has been a vampire for twenty years. Her favorite food is rapists. Which is how she met Andi Donahue, her new best friend/ girl Friday. 

And then the nightmares start. And the bodies start showing up–bled out and raped. Just like Meg was. They don’t have a whole lot of time to stop the killer before he strikes again, and only one way to stop the killer. 

But how can Andi help Meg stop a killer she can’t even see?

I was pleased to be an alpha reader for this one, and I enjoyed the twists and turns it took! And I’m NOT a vampire fan!!!

And another one from Alma Boykin! She’s been BUSY!!!

Staré: Shikari Book Two (This is more of a YA series)

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The Blurb-

Staré Rights! Staré Freedom! Staré secrets…

Auriga “Rigi” Bernardi, now a young woman and a recognized artist, returns to Shikhari. Neither an adult nor a child, Rigi navigates colonial society, wishing humans made as much sense as do the native Staré. But the Staré now demand independence and full rights as sapient beings. Or do they?

An archaeological expedition gone lethally awry leaves Rigi caught between cultures, a human in a Staré world. Then her uncle and his Staré assistant disappear just when Rigi needs his advice the most. Rigi and her cousin Tomás have discovered the key to the lost cities. Now someone—human, or Staré?—wants her dead.

I haven’t read this one, but I enjoyed Alma’s other series, and I think this one will do well with the YA crowd!

And I appreciate the reviews I’ve received on TGM Twilight! Thanks for the honest comments. I need 13 more to get to the magic 50 reviews so that Amazon will start helping with the marketing! If you’ve read it and haven’t put a review up, I’d appreciate an honest review!!!


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  1. I’m not usually a vampire fan either but based on your comment I’ve just bought a copy.