Book pimping!!!

Peter Grant, better known as Bayou Renaissance Man,  has a new series out!!!

Clicky the cover to get it!

The blurb-

The secret is out – the Mycenae system is the hottest new mineral find in the spiral arm. Now it’s about to become ground zero in a gold rush by every crooked company and asteroid thief in the galaxy.

Andrew Cochrane, with his crew of the finest veterans and cunning rogues, have an even better scheme. They’ve conned the owner into hiring them as a mercenary security company to defend the system. With no oversight but their own, Cochrane’s Company plans to seize the richest pickings for themselves.

But nothing ever comes easy. If they want to keep their loot, they’re going to have to outwit and outfight every smuggler, bandit and renegade after the same prize – and their boss, too!

I was an alpha reader for this one, and it’s vintage Peter! If you enjoyed his Maxwell series, you’ll enjoy this one too!

Volume 2 of the trilogy, “An Airless Storm”, will be published in June, and Volume 3, “The Pride of the Damned”, in July.


Book pimping!!! — 5 Comments

  1. Bought and read. I’m mulling it over before posting a review, but two themes were quite prominent:
    – Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics
    – Claim jumpers/Sooners don’t change much in space.