Book pimping!!!

Lawdog’s book is now available on Audible!

click on the cover to go to the link.

The blurb-

LawDog had the honor of representing law and order in the Texas town of Bugscuffle as a Sheriff’s Deputy, where he became notorious for, among other things, the famous Case of the Pink Gorilla Suit. In THE LAWDOG FILES, he chronicles his official encounters with everything from naked bikers, combative eco-warriors, suicidal drunks, respectful methheads, prison tattoo artists, and creepy children to six-foot chickens and lethal chihuahuas.

And I’m down to the final chapter on the 5th Grey Man, and looking at potential covers. I’m getting close to getting this out to the Alpha readers, hopefully before the end of the month.



Book pimping!!! — 9 Comments

  1. Oooh! How could I get to be an alpha reader? I was w copy proof reader in high school ( which made young policeman hate to bring me their reports for approval) so misspelled words and partial sentences still jump out at me. I’m an old curmudgeon so maybe that qualifies me? And I love to read.

  2. Waiting, patiently…

    Just put a new item on the To Do List for today:
    Roll coins so can buy next Grey Man


  3. Part of the wisdom literature contained in the book (paraphrased) to female social justice warriors: if you spit on a Texan’s food in a roadhouse, you better be sure first that your boyfriend can take a beating.
    (Did I get that right?)

  4. I listened to the sample on Amazon first, and darn near disgorged an entire cup of coffee. I was laughing that hard – Frederick and Mom. Think I’ll have to keep a hard copy of the cover in my car, if I’m pulled over for erratic driving: “But Officer, I was listening to Lawdog – yeah, him, Texas Deputy – no really, listen!”