Is it just me???

Or has anybody else noticed a slow down in the Intarwebz?

All day yesterday, both at work and at home, web pages were slow to load, comments were taking 30-45 seconds to post, and I was getting timeouts on some sites.

Additionally, some sites weren’t loading at all, and searches were taking longer than normal.  Another 39 comments in the spam box when I got home last night, but at least no more trojans were trapped by the malware/virus software.

And a TBT picture… This was probably ’57 or ’58 I was ‘playing’ with dinner… 🙂


Is it just me??? — 23 Comments

  1. I have been. Things seem to lag a bit before going through.

    Love that pic! My dad has a similar pic, though he’s quite a bit younger when it was taken, of him with his pet deer Bucky.

  2. Yep, seems to be some latency. More on some websites than on others. Blogger/other Google products seem especially bad.

    I actually thought I had some kind of Malware or something.

  3. There was a bit of lag yesterday, and a little bit this morning. Just enough to be noticeable, but not annoying. Yet.

  4. Absolutely YES. Slow to load, frequent “freezes”, a lot of using the Refresh button ( F5 ). MUCH worse in IE than in FireFox. Yeah, things sure sucked back in the days of net neutrality!

  5. Maybe all the cold weather you folks are having down south is affecting the servers?
    I used to work for a hospital, we were in the professional building next door, whenever it rained the computers ran slow as molasses in January. It was terrible!! We would call the IT guy, after rebooting, etc. He formed the opinion that there was water getting into a cable someplace along the line because on warm sunny days the computers worked like a dream and zipped along.
    You just need to move to someplace warm…:)

  6. Ahh.. Then it wasn’t just in my corner of creation. Things were slow on the guest wi-fi at work, but that’s not uncommon. Ookla speedtest showed download speeds were in the triple digit, but I thought maybe it was due to Mac/Safari wanting to do an update.
    Maybe it’s Al Gore retaking control of the interwebz he invented to wreak havoc on all us climate deniers.

  7. Yes. It did happen. Hackers? Global warming? Net neutrality? Squirrels weren’t fed? A national intelligence gathering? A covert crisis? It makes me suspicious. Oh..the conspiracy theories.

  8. I think it’s squirrels.

    It’s slow. Blogger takes forever to accept a comment, and I think some sites are slower to load than others, but that’s an unscientific observation.

    I’ve also been losing comments, and I’m not alone. Many of my comments posted on Filthie’s Thunderbox have gone missing. I know, because I checked the little box that causes the comment to notify me via email. I get notified, and some time later the comment vanishes. Not always, but about half the time. Mind you, these are unoffensive comments, so I don’t think the PC police are responsible – but I guess you never know.

    Glen’s site isn’t the only one, but it’s the one I found first. A few comments on Bayou Renaissance Man have also vanished. Again, once I hit the post-it button, it takes forever for blogger to respond.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    I would say it is just you….but the internetz is running slower, I am sure that they are running everything through a filter or something, remember that mega site in Utah that allows the NSA to tap the whole thing…?

  10. Some other glitches as well.

    Tried to access my Amazon Prime account and view my ATT bill. Both respond with ‘technical difficulties, try again later”. IMHO, the un-seen stuff that goes on in IT is probably akin to liking sausage. Don’t watch it being made. (Doesn’t bother me in the least. I’ve been literally up to my elbows making it more than once.)

  11. Oh, you did NOT eat a pet…

    OK, maybe I won’t take a hammer to my phone. It was getting the blame.

  12. A little slower, but I’m not doing major data send/receive. WordPress was being strange but *shrug* “Forget it, Jake, It’s it’s [WordPress].”

    I did some heavy downloads and data runs at work this AM and all was fine BUT that’s at school district high-bandwidth during a lite-usage slot.

  13. Reading where some Google features are overwhelming home routers with mega bursts of data. Not enough of a tech person to explain further.

  14. There is definitely something strange happening.
    My router traffic is going nuts, with all devices disconnected.

    Time to crank up the tracking & debugging tools….