Apparently ‘somebody(s)’ didn’t like my post yesterday…

48 ‘comments’ in the spam filter, and two trojans popped up on my machine last night…

One wonders what bot readers the libs are using, and what keyword searches that they are using to ‘target’ those of us who don’t kowtow to them…

And Trump announced the top ‘fake news’ stories yesterday!

Below is the full list of winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards:

1)     The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claiming markets would ‘never’ recover from Trump presidency

2)     ABC News’ Brian Ross’ bungled report on former national security adviser Michael Flynn

3)     CNN report that the Trump campaign had early access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks

4)     TIME report that Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office

5)     The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel tweeting that Trump’s December rally in Pensacola, Florida, wasn’t packed with supporters

6)     CNN’s video suggesting Trump overfed fish during visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

7)     CNN’s retracted report claiming Anthony Scaramucci-Russia ties

8)     Newsweek report that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake Trump’s hand

9)     CNN report that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim he was told he was not under investigation

10)  The New York Times report that the Trump administration had hidden a climate-change report

11)  In Trump’s words, “‘RUSSIA COLLUSION!’ Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. THERE IS NO COLLUSION!”

One can only wonder how many ‘other’ stories were considered, since reports indicate that the MSM is 90% negative toward Trump throught 2017, which is apparently the highest negative ratio any President has ever seen.

HERE is a link to a Pew Research study of the first 60 days, and it didn’t get any better…  Another link, HERE from WAPO.

But the stock market is still setting records, more jobs are being created/filled, and Apple is bringing BILLIONS back to the USA!

Apple Inc. said it will bring hundreds of billions of overseas dollars back to the U.S., pay about $38 billion in taxes on the money and invest tens of billions on domestic jobs, manufacturing and data centers in the coming years.

Link HERE, from Fortune Magazine.


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  1. See what can happen when the stupid regulations are gotten rid of, and some boundaries are set up? It is amazing!!

    “If you move your money oversees, it will cost you more” radical concept that is!

    The stupid rule that fluffed my feathers was the one that told farmers how to dehorn their cows…and that ALL cows needed to be de-horned! There are 2 options, either paste or a cautery iron. Paste was mandated because burning the horn buds on calves was thought to be cruel. So when paste is used it gets all over all the other cows/calves, into eyes etc. A hot iron only hurts for about 10 seconds and it’s done. Stupid PC folks making rules over stuff they know nothing about based on Disney movies instead of reality.

    Thank goodness some adults are back in charge again.

  2. I remember during the last two moths of the elections, the Daily Mail (Brit rag) used to have bots coursing through it’s comment section and posters who spoke well of Trump or truthfully about Hillary often suddenly received HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of down-votes on their comment in minutes. It was too fast and to regular to be anything but a program, especially as no actual negative comments were left in rebuttal. (Nine hundred people didn’t like what I said an hour ago but not one left a note saying why?) Many of us commenters complained to the webmaster and even joked about it publicly when hit with red avalanches but it kept going on right up until the election and then it never happened again. Daily Mail, an ardent Trump-hating publication, was clearly in on creating the illusion that “the public” hated Trump and loved Hillary.

    • Back during one of the Administrations Bush the Grauniad (if you though the Daily Mail was left-ish… oh my..) had an article I thought was ‘safe’ from political nonsense. Now, I am NOT a sports fan, but an article on why soccer (yes, it was called that BEFORE it was called ‘futbol’) wasn’t popular in the USA did attract my attention. Psychology of things, you know? And it had the idea that the USA had a game that displaced soccer and it was, curiously, basketball. All well and good, but then the very last paragraph just HAD to add in a Bush-slam. And that was the last article from The Grauniad I bothered to read without someone fisking it. Recycle it into tp for an upgrade.

  3. I love to watch the main stream media coming apart at the seams. They have no idea how to counter this man because he doesn’t play by the same rules as previous presidents.

  4. I think the start of this award ceremony is about 40 years past the necessary time. Cronkite, in my opinion, should have received one of the first awards.

    • Cronkite should have received a hanging as an award for being a commie traitor.

      There, I fixed it for you.

  5. And let’s not forget Mike Wallace, who reported the war from the “front” of the Caravelle Hotel in Saigon. And reportedly ran the bar out of Scotch in the process!

  6. Jess/Andrew- Agreed!!

    RS- That too! And he wasn’t the only one… Joe Galloway had a lot of ‘words’ for those who never left Saigon!

  7. Heh. My IRA (Which is just under $100,000) is clearing +$1,000 a month due to that whole crash that was supposed to happen. I’ll take it. Beats the hell out of a savings account.