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Sooooo… This post might ‘offend’ a few folks, but what the hell…

The military ‘knows’ Shitholes! And has for years… And sent us to them for YEARS!

You might be deploying to a “Shit Hole”:

  1.  If your boss tells you to update your Gamma Globulin, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Dysentery, Tetanus and other fun immunizations (minimum of 7)- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  2.  If the Mobilization Coordinator tells you not to waste your time bringing a radio, or any other electronics, as there is no electricity and there are no signals- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  3.  If the Travel Pay folks give you a travel advance and the Per Diem rate is only $8.00/day, for everything- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  4. If the “Area Cultural” briefing is only 30 minutes long, but the briefing on communicable diseases is 3 hours long- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  5. If the “Area Cultural” briefing includes facts that some leaders in the host country keep young boys as sexual slaves- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  6. If the “Area Cultural” briefing includes facts that male members of that society have multiple wives, but also engage in sexual activity with barnyard animals- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  7. If the “Area Cultural” briefing includes a State Department warning about travel- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  8. If the “Medical Briefing” includes recommendations not to walk barefoot, drink the local water, or eat ANY food on the local economy- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  9. If the “Medical Briefing” includes information that the roadside ditches not only serve as flood control, but also as a common latrine- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole
  10. 9. If the Daily Report for your new assignment includes an area for “Number of Personnel Med-Evac’ed” from theater for unknown diseases- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.
  11. If the monetary exchange rate is greater than 50 to 1 for local currency to US Dollars- You might be deploying to a Shit Hole.

And if you’re ‘really’ bored… h/t to Wing for this one…

Fun to play when the ‘news’ is extolling these ‘countries’…

And you know it’s really bad, when you go to donate blood and they give you a list. If you’ve EVER been in any of those countries, you’re politely asked to leave and not come back… BTDT…


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  1. Yeh. I had the last one actually happen to me. I was asked “were you ever in____ region?” When I said “Yes mam, when I was in the Army”. She said ” I AM sorry but we cannot allow you to donate.” Period. With a big red stamp on the file cover.

  2. The oil field works in sh##hole countries run by despots. Much of what you say applies to us too. If the progressives love these countries so much, why don’t they vacation there?

  3. Considering the maps for citizens to avoid human feces accumulations on San Francisco streets, shithole now needs to apply to some U.S. cities.

    • Camden, NJ should count. It was worse than much of eastern Europe.

  4. Yep. First I thought of was “Can’t donate blood for 10 years.”

  5. All- Thanks for the comments! PE- Good point, my dad was in Saudi in the late 30’s putting in pipelines for Aramco.

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  6. Many of us who served in the military have been to places where most or all of those conditions apply. Safe to say that our elected non-representatives haven’t served, or visited places where working folks go.

  7. I would like to be a fly on the wall to watch as a room full of today’s special snowflakes is briefed about their new workplace assignment in one of those shitholes.
    And then as they are told that the assignment was to be for one year and could be extended even further.
    Probably would take a lot of kittens and teddy bears.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    All the people complaining about the shithole comment have never been to those places.

  9. All of Africa.

    All of the Caribbean except perhaps Grand Cayman.

    Most of Central America.

    Most of South America.

    “Be courteous to everyone you meet but have a plan to kill them.” – Book of St. James.

  10. I remember in 1970 when my dad was assigned to Kwajalein, the whole family had to trundle on down to the local base hospital and get shots on, of course, Shot Day.

    So there we were, lined up with a bunch of other people, staring down a hospital corridor with about 10 tables and nurses. Each table was a level of immunization. Table 1 was stateside. Table 2 was Hawaii or Alaska or maybe DC. Table 3 was Europe, Table 4 was Pacific or Japan, Table 5 was …

    So, if you were going to, say an island in the Pacific, you went to table 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    I think shithole started around table 5…

    I felt sorry for anyone who had to go past 5. And there were tables past 5.

  11. I was apply to check off way too many of those listed above…I don’t miss those times and they make me appreciate how good we have it here in the States.

  12. Hey Jim, if you can find my blog, It is now called Island Voice II, I put up a post on there a week or so ago, or whatever day it was Trump made his pronouncement.

    And yes they are shitholes of the worst kind. Been there done that a few times and the worst part of the whole thing was that friggin “shot line”!!!

  13. Colleague was set to TDY Bumfukastan. Met her en route from the Dispensary back to office. She was limping from the Gamma Globulin, shot (“Left cheek this time, please.”) and cradling her arm. 2 days before departure her boss informed her “Your slot has been cut. You’re staying here.”
    Her response became a part of company lore.

    When Dad got his Plague shot (“Yes, as in Black Death.” Stupid civilian neighbors) Mom told sister and I “No noise for the next 24 hours.” And we were very, Very, VERY quiet.

  14. All- Thanks for the comments! Sadly, I’m getting more spam comments on this one than I am real comments!

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  15. JL,
    I’d love to see the sh#thole list as one of those big motivational posters. I’d buy one!

  16. I spent a summer in Ecuador (as well as Thailand and the Philippines) as a teenager (church group thing). Had to get some extra shots, but nothing that I thought twice about.

    In college I went to go donate blood. Got to the part of the questioner where they ask about international travel. Got told to not come back for at least another 10 years……

    That sort of travel is an eye opener though. Shithole is a pretty accurate description.

  17. Yep, been turned away from blood donation (for travel history reasons) as well. But the best memory was getting the shots before the trip. Nurse says “The next shots will be in your buttocks.”
    “Okay,” says I, and begin to undo my belt preparatory to turning around and dropping trou.
    “No! Stop!” shouts the nurse in a voice of horror, “I don’t need to see it!”
    Bwahaha! And sheesh. I was highly tempted to make a smart remark, but you don’t taunt a person about to give you multiple shots. Anyway, apparently the proper procedure is to drop trousers but keep your jockey shorts on, then coyly pull UP and expose the lower part of your buttock. Again, sheesh.

    A good friend just returned from three weeks medical “field” work in a 90% Muslim country. Being a woman, she was kept in modified (did not require headscarf) purdah the whole time she was there: locked in the women’s dorm outside of work hours, and all weekend, ostensibly for her own safety. And this wasn’t even the real field, it was in the best hospital in the country. They even had a guard follow her from her office to the bathroom and stand watch outside the door inside the hospital. Anyway, she got used to the no hot water in the dorms, intermittent internet (recall this is like the Johns Hopkins of Shitholia, not some place in the sticks), sporadic electricity, and the monotonous diet of boiled lentils and an egg for lunch x 21 days, but what got to her was the nonstop weeping in the hallways. Average wait for admission to hospital is 3 months, and by the time most patients are admitted, whatever problem they had is so advanced they’re beyond help.

    I asked friend how she wiled away the hours while locked in the dorm (not much around to read). “I spent a lot of time thinking about how wonderful my life in the States is, ” she replied.

  18. Ha! Today this circulated inside my workplace, plenty of us (maybe 30% of 1500+) have military experience. Had great fun putting check marks on all the ones we have personally experienced. Anyone that cannot laugh at this needs a brain transplant.

  19. Don’t understand the upset. I’ve been referring to various ares of the world (some of which we worked in) as shitholes since forever. Or since I worked (as opposed to vacationed in) a third world country. Lovely people but poverty and living conditions that most people can’t comprehend.

    Do have to object to the rat’s and pigeons as food being bad, though. Meat is meat. Pigeons arrived as an English food source and I understand cane rats are tasty. But then, I’d eat horse, donkey, cavey…

  20. Absolute worst shithole I was in was Dili. Indonesia. Was active duty back then. Helping the Australian army. I could smell the place even out at our anchorage.