Another SJW win…

Depending on how far back you want to go, there have been a number of authors, fanzine proprietors, and conservatives ‘dis-invited’ from a number of different conventions, speaking engagements, etc.

In the last year or so, it was Orson Scott Card. A month or so ago, it was John Ringo. Yesterday it was Larry Correia. Who will it be next month? Sarah Hoyt? Michael Z. Williamson? S. M. Sterling? You? Me? Well, not me, I’m so far down the author food chain I’ll be dead before they ever get that far down…

Libel- It is a viable option. Here is the definition from Black’s Law Dictionary.

Defamation of character is an offense for which a complainant may be eligible to bring another party to civil court. There are two types of defamation: spoken defamation, or slander, and written defamation, or libel.

The balance that makes defamation law tricky is that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives people the right of free speech. On the other hand, people should not be able to ruin the lives of others by disseminating lies to force a business to shut down or compel the breakdown of a family.

Laws regarding defamation vary from state to state, but generally speaking, four criteria must be met for a slander or libel suit to stand a chance of success. The defamation, whether written or spoken, must be:

  • Demonstrably and objectively false
  • Seen or heard by a public third party
  • Quantifiably injurious
  • Unprivileged by law

Defamation Must Be Objectively False

It is not against the law to say mean things about somebody if they are either true or if they are entirely subjective. For instance, if a restaurant critic says that the food “was the worst I’ve had in a long time,” the statement, while mean, is vague and subjective enough to avoid a lawsuit. Similarly, environmental activists who make the public aware of corporate practices that harm the earth can’t be sued for defamation as long as they report on the facts.

Defamation Must Be Published

In order to prove injury, you have to prove that other people saw it, heard it, read it and had their minds changed because of the slanderous or libelous statements. Courts generally consider libel to be more serious than slander because writing lasts longer, though major television broadcasts often carry the same weight as major print or web publications because more people viewed them.

Defamation Must Cause Financial Injury

In order to determine the damages from a slander or libel suit, there must be quantifiable damages. Defamation of character damages a person’s or company’s reputation, and it must be proven that the damage to reputation correlated with a loss of money, property, relationship or was subject to harassment that led to any of the above losses.

Defamation Must Not Be Protected Speech

Examples of speech that is privileged and protected specifically by the U.S. Constitution from defamation laws include witness testimony in court and lawmaker statements in legislative chambers or official materials.

As long as the defamatory statements are published, false, injurious and unprivileged, you may have a case to file a defamation lawsuit. Of course, it is always advised to consult with a lawyer before taking any steps forward in your legal action.

It’s becoming readily apparent that it is time to take the gloves off and go after the SJW POS that are pulling this crap. The ‘story’ that got Ringo disinvited was patently false, slanderous, and it did cost him money in lost sales at the minimum. The total lost of sales is TBD, but meets  the above qualifications. It was refuted by a knowledgeable source, and yet nothing was done.

The same happened to Correia, and it’s the same BS, bringing up unfounded issues/lies from Sad Puppies, etc. that were freely shared on Vile 770 and other SJW sites. Again no verification, and had been proven false more than once over the last three years. Since Larry was going to promote a new game, and books, again financial loss, TBD but also meets the qualifications.

It’s time to bring in the lawyers, go after these people and make them PAY for their attempts at banning and costing any conservatives or other authors that disagree with them their livelihood. I can’t help but wonder if there is also liability for breach of contract in both these cases??? Especially since Origins apparently violated their own rules.

HERE is Larry’s response, and I couldn’t locate John’s on facebook, but I know it’s out there.  HERE is a post that Michael Z. Williamson put up on the 2nd of May. Oddly prophetic that…

Stephen Michael Sterling put this up as part of a post yesterday obliquely commenting on the situation-

Humans are tribal; this is inherent, there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’re all going to pick sides, whoop up our side, see its faults as forgivable and the other team’s as evidence of their inherent rottenness, engage in confirmation bias and motivated reasoning and bask in the warm comforting rage of righteousness.

Nobody is objective, and the smarter and better-informed you are the less objective you will be — you’ll just have more cunning rationalizations.

It’s time to take the gloves off and bring them into the court of law, which WILL get their attention, unlike anything else we can do at this point. Our livelihoods could depend on our taking action.

I’m not a lawyer, don’t play one on TV, but I know how to read…


Another SJW win… — 15 Comments

  1. Okay, I’m in. Mark me down for a $45 contribution to the cause.

    (I picked that amount, because I discuss any expenditures in excess of $50 FIRST with my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock, GA. She would agree, but I don’t want to have to wait before I give a commitment.)

    Pursuant to what Larry wrote, the people who are likely to be hurt the most by the decision to revoke his GoH status are the vendors. From past experience with professional conferences, I know that vendors count on the sales at conventions, and perhaps even more on the opportunity to have their brand introduced to their primary market.

    So: 1. Maybe John Ward, who no doubt is related to Noah, should have asked the vendors what THEY thought of the idea before acting;
    2. When the Legal Eagles get involved, they consider including the vendors as plaintiffs.

  2. I have many responses to people who really tick me off. You have to make it personal, grab them by the belt buckle and de-nut them with a dull knife (it’s a metaphor).

    Advertise a yard sale at their home in the inner city/local ghetto neighborhood. Offer free bicycles to the first six people who arrive. (their yards will be trashed)

    I have other tactics that I won’t advertise which are more effective. The key is to make it personal. Tradecraft needs to be involved. You can never take a bow for the carnage you have caused. The fact that the hidden remains hidden is important.

    Moral terror is a two way street for the SWJ’s. Crush them. Drive them before you in chains and hear the lamentation of the women.

  3. Back in ’76 I attended a Worldcon where Robert Heinlein was the guest of honor. Likely he’d be disinvited these days.

  4. It’s only a win if they get more attendance without Larry than they would have with him ( they wont ).
    Cons like every thing else in life are as much about the $$ as the fun . If they wernt they wouldn’t have venders you know .

  5. Well, me personally…am getting sick of the censorship. I have to admit it is a clever way for the left to silence the right or middle. However, it is wrong and contradicts everything the liberals stand for. So, it weakens their platforms. I think I will re-label them the Hypocritics.

  6. Part of the problem is Us. As in ‘We’ individuals.

    ‘We’ only band together at the last possible moment, after the screaming hordes of ‘Them’ have already trashed the place. ‘We’ take care of the situation, and then disband. Leaving long-term cleanup to a new group of ‘Them.’

    ‘We’ are too grumpy and individualistic to effectively group for a long term. (Just look at what has happened to so many ‘organized”III%’ groups – they either fall apart or eat themselves from internal fighting.)

    ‘They’ are literally a group mind. Sure, not every cell of the group mind is totally bat-shirt barking moonbat crazy, but the non-crazy cells provide support and encouragement to the crazy cells. How many times have you heard, ‘Oh, I’m not like X person, I just believe in sensible gun control.’? Sure, that person isn’t the one calling fake SWAT calls in, but they support those that do.

    Short of using, well, them to fight themselves, which sounds despicable, but works, in other words either using media or lawyers or politicians to hit ‘them’ hard, there’s nothing we can really do until the really dark days come. Ugh.

    Seriously. Every time opposition is formed, “Them” attack twice as hard. Just look at what happened over the whole ‘Sad Puppies’ thing.

    The only way to fight these critters is to make them eat themselves. Pulling away from Cons, causing “We” and our supporters to lose money (vendors really get hurt by stuff like this) is actually an effective tactic. Having dealt with various organizations much like Cons, there is a specific group that actually make a living (pitiful though it is) off the runnings of even the most fan-run convention. Kill the bad cons, the leaches will be the most to suffer in the long run. Sucks about all the collateral damage, such as actual fans not being able to see their favorite authors and vendors losing their businesses, but until the whole system is burnt down and rebuilt, this is going to continue to happen. Every ‘success’ will encourage more and more of the cancerous “Them” to act. Until ‘Moldylocks’ gets face-punched so hard her/its ancestors feel it, it will continue (did anyone else notice that when the actual Moldylocks got punched, actual Antifa violence started falling off pretty quickly?)

    Hopefully only a few collateral casualties will occur before the system resets. But we’d better prepare for a wild ride all the way to the ground if need be. Once ‘We’ start resisting hard, there’s no turning back. No backing off until ‘Them’ are lying in the literary streets, bleeding ink and money.

    Now that I’ve said all that, I don’t like people, get off my lawn…

  7. No dog in the fight except as a consumer. That said, the SJW “win” and then die. They cannot prosper without financial support.

  8. Shouldn’t the title have been “Another SJW Whine”?

  9. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard the story.

    I wrote a diatribe about Origins and excluding Larry Correia, which is a huge mistake on their part.

    I note that the Columbus Gay Pride celebration and parade is going on at the same time as Origins, and I don’t see this as a coincidence. John Ward did this deliberately, not so much because of the SJWs who are howling about it, but because Ward is a homosexual and a member of one or more of these homosexual pride groups.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    I have heard a phrase “These cons are getting woke, now they will go broke. When organizers cave to the SJW crowd, they are never satisfied, they are empowered to go out and cause more mischief. I hope Ringo and Larry get lawyers involved.

  11. Fools. Wendell the Manatee has a recon team stationed at the Columbus Zoo. Cry “Hooooon!” and let slip the Pinnipeds of Peril!

    Not going to Origins – had thought about it, but schedule conflicts. I’ll write to a couple of game companies, informing them that thanks to John Ward, I have a reason to not buy any more of their products. Too bad that he messed up their victory conditions.

  12. Not that Larry probably needs it, but I would scrape together some nickels to support a legal fund so he could sue that dude and his con’s pants off. Never met the guy, but I have read all of his books, and there is not any racist, homophobe, me Tarzan/you Jane slant in any of his writing, or in John Ringo’s for that matter that I saw, or remember.

    I am betting Larry wont get his money back (and he damn sure shouldn’t contribute to that anthology!!) without a legal fight.

    Some folks just have no life, and are bound and determined that none of the rest of us should have one either.

  13. Somebody has to organize a Con. So someone organize an Alt-Con.

    I have never gone to a Con. Met Larry at a book signing though. Awesome guy. SJW’s are just like every other school yard bully I have ever dealt with. They do everything they do out of envy and jealousy fueling hatred. Infantile and twisted personalities.