WX is coming in…

Thunder and lightning, oh my!!!

So you get car pictures…

1931 Ford Model A with EVERY option, including turn signals and a trunk!

A beautiful Ford Model A ragtop!

With LEGROOM!!! Note the open windshield! 🙂

And now a tornado warning… Lovely… Off to bed.


WX is coming in… — 20 Comments

  1. In some circumstances, I suppose WX is the equivalent of VX.
    Let’s hope that turns out not to be the case for you.

  2. I recall about 55 years ago an aunt of mine purchasing a 1930 Model A. I seem to recall the price being $100. We kids loved to ride in it, because not only was it like the cars Robert Stack rode in in The Untouchables, but when you hit the horn it went “OOGAH!”

    • It’s called a klaxon. There used to be signs at blind corners that read, “Sound Your Klaxon”.

  3. All hands set Condition Alpha for heavy weather. The weather decks are off limits to all hands. Carry on.

    Nice cars, too. 🙂

  4. Alas, the [censored] weather went. Around. Us. At least it bucketed on the reservoir. Mutter, mutter, heat island, snarl.

    Lovely cars. And no one under age 35 can steal them!

    • Did/does the Model A use the standard gas, brake, clutch design? Or did it stick with the strange (to me) arrangement the Model T used?

      • I don’t recall. It’s been [mumble] years since I rode in one, and I was trying to keep an Edwardian hat from turning into a UFO. I think it copied the Model T.

  5. When I was 14 years old, lots of years ago, one of my best buddies, also 14, lived 10 miles out of town and he and his dad bought a 1929 two-door Model A sedan. It was a great car for kids to drive down country roads as long as the windows were down because it had exhaust leaking everywhere. We would raise the window and shoot jack rabbits on the roads and in fields. So much fun until one day the steering wheel came off in my friends hands and we kind of hollered as the car veered off the road into a ditch at 20 mph, no damage and with a crescent wrench in no time we were up and running again.

    A couple of years later when friend had his driver’s license his Model A was in a bit better shape and it was great for going up and down Main Street along with every other teenager in town. The floorboards in the back were 3/4 in wood boards that could be pulled up easily and then it was fun to light a Cherry Bomb and drop it on the street as we moved along and watch it go off under a car load of girls several cars behind us. Life was a bit simpler in those days gas was about 31 cents a gallon and that was our entertainment.

  6. If I were to buy an old car the Model A would be it. Capt. Obvious just smacked me in the head…every so often I’d wonder why car trunks were called, well, trunks. The picture above explains all.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    That is a good looking car, and watch the weather…We have it coming here to GA also.

  8. The southeastern bands are hitting FL and the pressure changes (down, up, down, up) that are rapidly occurring are killing my sinuses. Can’t even imagine how bad it is up and over where you are.

    Stay safe.

  9. Pat- One hopes not…LOL

    Jim/Will- BOTH of them had the klaxtons! 🙂

    WSF- Yes sir, both have been faithfully restored, and the woodwork shows it!

    Rev- Yep! 1/4 inch of rain, 60kt winds, a couple of cat’s paws but thankfully nothing else!

    TxRed- Sorry bout that. We only got a quarter inch… Lots of ‘fury’ very little storm.

    Larry- Kinda… Clutch, brake are in the correct positions, but there was an accelerator ‘button’, and hand throttle.

    Old Tex- LOL, great story. We just dropped them through the holes in the floor where the metal had rusted away… 🙂

    Larry/Andrew- LOL, Andrew, the ‘best’ guess is it comes from the French Boite, which means box. The English used it for the boxes on the back of the carriages. Early cars didn’t have a trunk/boot, and it was tacked on the back to carry things like luggage, etc.

    Bob- Yep, we’re getting it six hours before you!

    Beans- Oh yeah… sigh…

    LL- Aviator talk for weather. You know how we abbreviate everything…LOL

  10. Duck! We’re now dealing with the aftermath of the worst storm we’ve had since I’ve been on the Mountain.

    Part of my “win the big lottery” dream is to have every poor abandoned classic/antique car I see sadly rusting in some field pulled out and restored and sold to someone who will give the the love they deserve.

    • Oh, part of my win the big lottery is to buy some surplus telecommunications building or bunker and bunker down. With an appropriate collection of vehicles, of course.

  11. Got some thunder rolling through here, too.

    Not much rain, but it’s nice to hear thunder again after living in SoCal for 35 years….

  12. PH- Sorry to hear that. Thankfully it didn’t get REALLY nasty here last night.

    Ed- By the time the rain got here, I’m sure it was safely ensconced in a garage! 🙂

    drjim- LOL