This is probably a lost cause, but dammit something needs to be done!!!

Make it illegal for media to name mass shooters, bombers, or other mass attackers

Make naming a mass shooter in the media like yelling fire in a crowded building.

Mass shooters, bombers, etc. are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Stopping the media from naming them, giving them any coverage, other than a criminal number an nothing else will contribute to a reduction in mass terrorism events, if the perpetrators know their name, picture, screed, etc. will receive NO media coverage. A suitable generic image could be put in the place of the shooter.

As long as the media continues to name and cover these shooters, bombers, etc. I can only believe they will continue to conduct their heinous acts, knowing the media will blast it world-wide.

HERE is the link…

I doubt that it will go to fruition, but I’m willing to at least put this out there!


Dammit… — 16 Comments

  1. Hey, the Press is totally cool with restrictions on the Second Amendment. That seems like a great precedent for restricting their First Amendment.

    “Common Sense Free Speech Controls”.

    And they’re in business – they make money by publishing the killer’s name. Time to rein that in.

    • I’ll give some credit to Borepatch here. I was against this idea until I read Borepatch’s comment about precedent and profit.

  2. Nope … I don’t have the answer but am fairly sure that asking the government to regulate/control anything isn’t it .

  3. To stop all these killings in American public schools, I recommend banning public schools.

  4. The cynic in me says the name of this one is ethnic enough that it wont be a problem this one time. They’ll still give every other bit of fame/encouragement for the next one they just wont use his name.

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  6. Yep, and instead of their pictures, show a bucket of crap or shark chum.

  7. Forbidding them from mentioning the murderer’s name by law is probably prior restraint.

    Judge will kill that first chance they get.

    Shouldn’t need a new law to convince them. If we manage to get a suit going that shows that their speech incited future incidents and that they are the primary beneficiaries of the profits of the tragedy… They might start restraining themselves.

  8. All- Good ideas, thanks I was/am just frustrated as hell with this shit…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. Sorry, but that idea’s a First Amendment hard stop.

    The correct answer is for the president, every member of the Cabinet, and the entire Republican caucus in both houses of Congress, to start chastising the media out loud and at length for dancing in the blood of children, and glorifying mass murderers.

    Rub their noses in it until they finally get sick of hearing it, and stop doing it.

    Make it the #YouToo movement.

    If the White House also started yanking press credentials and access from non-compliant agencies over this, Sarah Sanders’ daily briefings would get awfully lonely.

    If the press wants to martyr themselves over glorifying murderers, let them do it, and hand them the nails and hammer to begin pounding their representatives onto their own crosses.

    Trump & Co. going after the media is a win-win, for him, in perpetuity.

    It’s an easy rule: mention the name once after the first 12 hours, or show their picture – anyone anywhere in your organization – and you go to press Siberia in perpetuity. Like there aren’t 4000 other organizations waiting in line for every open seat at the WH Press Room.

    They will police themselves in about a minute, and shut up so fast it’d leave skidmarks.

    Call it Operation Un-person.
    Shooters would go down a permanent memory hole in a New York Minute.

    Game over.

  10. I’d prefer there just to be voluntary limits on coverage, perhaps encouraged by letters to advertisers. If all that gets splashed is “there was a school shooting in [place],” and nothing else, no glory, no 15 minutes of infamy, then I suspect short of a Beslan-type terror group, this [email protected] will stop.

    Yo, CNN, a shooting off campus between two gang members is not “a school shooting.” Neither is some poor soul who just happens to use the school parking lot to park when he kills himself.

  11. IF they can all agree to NOT publish the name of rape victims they can do the same for the criminals..

  12. I look at the motive for mass media coverage. There is no integrity, the morals of carrion eaters, and a total lack of respect for decency. They perpetuate the path to infamy, and disregard the society they’re supposed to serve.


  13. You can’t shame the idiots in the media. The politicians won’t do anything that might inconvenience the media.

    What will shut them up is some parent, who holds them accessories to a school shooting, turns up at their offices and kills a bunch of them. Fear will get their attention.