Or is this one of the ‘true believers’???

I’m honestly not sure.

We know there are people out there like this, but is this just a ‘little’ to blatant?

Your thoughts?


Parody??? — 26 Comments

  1. I hate to say it, but I think this kid is serious. But going through the comments on YT, he got a quick lesson about the Constitution.

    If, by some strange twist, this actually came to pass, there would be such a rash of boating accidents that the insurance industry would stop insuring boats.

  2. The speaker isn’t nearly articulate enough to be taken seriously, and the topic of his jejune speech is flame bait. Please don’t feed the trolls.

  3. I vote it is a spoof , looking at the channel it puts me in mind of an antifa spoof channel that was running a while back .

  4. That might work in the three left coast states and the upper half of the right coast states, but in the South and the flyover section, not gonna happen.

  5. I couldn’t watch it all the way through, the idiocy was just too much for me.

  6. 4th amendment anyone. Bueller? Another who suffers ID10 t syndrome.

    • That hasn’t stopped the gun-grabbers in the leftist states from entering and seizing gun collections before.

      A lot of places do no-warrant entries over domestic violence calls or over ‘wellness checks.’

  7. My Psych Nurse better half thinks this is a true believer, massively medicated into a delusional state. No visible evasion or deception in his presentation. One complete whacko.

  8. “My Psych Nurse better half thinks this is a true believer, massively medicated into a delusional state. No visible evasion or deception in his presentation. One complete whacko.” Not a Phsych nurse, nor do I play one on television, but I tend to agree.

    I would also say that, even with recruiting Illegal Aliens to “do the work Americans won’t do,” there ain’t enough folks, or enough money to pay them to go to every household in the US and inspect for “hidden firearms”. Not to mention the escorting SS squad.

  9. Is this guy real or even sane? We have laws that say not possible and hes acting like sure it will happen. Seriously?

    First we have laws and they are structured to prevent wanton investigations or invasion of privacy. Its far enough out that hes really deluded.

    But first lets push him off footube as promoting a public disturbance, a hazard, and inciting criminal actions. He wants the second we can use the first and 4th for openers.


    • Sounds like hate speech to me. Clear violation of YT terms of service.

      Report him.

  10. All- Thanks, it’s not just me that thinks he’s a few cards shy of a deck…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. He is serious.

    Hint, buy shovel and lime futures. They are going to be YUGE!

  12. We need to stop the Second Amendment by violating the Fourth Amendment. Good luck with that. It would be funny if it was less sad.

  13. I’m wondering if he’s a SD resident, as the cap may indicate. I’ve driven by the Corn Palace; Mitchell is not a large town.
    He does sound serious.

  14. I’d expect parody to have better production.

  15. A typical lefty-loonie.
    Lessee, what was that phrase? Oh yeah, “come & take it”.

  16. Let’s just say that if this should ever come to pass, I hope Mr. Nitwit is one of the “census takers” who goes around breaking into citizens’ homes. I foresee a very brief career for him.

  17. Much to Mr. Nitwit’s horror, the search began with nerd-sniffing dogs. The explosives dogs were busy. No escape for him, that day.

    • I’d once heard that some ne’erdowells would sprinkle cocaine at doorways to thwart drug dogs (nasal anesthesia/ immediate trigger to uselessness?). Do we need to have a little black/smokeless power at the threshold? ♉

  18. I will be Damned if they think they can search my house without a warrant.I think he needs to be medicated and be put in a straight jacket