Amazing gentlemen…

First up is Isaac “Ike” Fabela, WWII veteran.

He wants to get a few cards for his birthday… He turns 100 on 6 June…

His story is HERE.

His address is Ike Fabela, C/O Nick Rodgers, PO Box 3112 Montrose, MI 48457

I’m sending one, how about you?

And then there’s Richard Overton- He’s the oldest WWII veteran, and a Texan to boot!

Overton, who was born on May 11, 1906, in Bastrop County, served in the Pacific Theater from 1942 to 1945 as part of the all-black 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion.

His story is HERE.

And last, but not least, from the other side of the pond…

Squadron leader George “Johnny” Johnson, climbed back into a Lancaster bomber one more time. The last surviving member of the original Dambusters, from 1943, took his position in the bomb aimer (better known as the nose turret.

His story is HERE.

Makes the guys I know that flew the PBYs in WWII youngsters…

Congratulations to all of them! They truly were the greatest generation!!!

h/t Chris and Stretch


Amazing gentlemen… — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for “boosting the signal” about the cards!

    I sent two cards, and MC sent one.

  2. I’ll have to pick up a card for him as well. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. B- You’re welcome! I literally got the LAST birthday card in the 100 year old rack!

    Jim- Thank you!

  4. Mr Fabela will get a birthday card from Arkansas with my thanks for his service!

  5. My wife and I sent a card to Mr. Fabela yesterday
    afternoon. Thanks for providing the address.

  6. I’ve sent my card to Mr. Fabela. Have you mailed yours? We’ve asked some local veterans groups to assist.

  7. i will personally see about hand delivering one to Mr. Fabela as he is in the town i grew up in and i still live within a half hour of there