Dancing in the blood…

And this time it only took an HOUR!!!

Roughly an hour after at least eight people died in a high school shooting in Texas, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) implicated the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the tragedy.

Full article, HERE.

Dana Loesch had a good response, HERE,  to the media’s glorification of the POS that shot up Santa Fe… Yes, he used Columbine as a template. The only difference was this time somebody WAS able to get there and stop him, not immediately, but he was stopped.

These kids have multiple problems, not the least of which is being social outcasts, and they see the ‘redemption’ in being a lauded serial killer. That way nobody forgets them. In their twisted way, that makes sense to them. If the media didn’t give them any coverage, I believe we would see less shootings. Give the media coverage to the victims, never mention the perp, if you have to, call them son of a bitches, no name, no history, nothing…

Max Schindler, the former director of Meet the Press told me a number of years ago it’s all about ad revenue… He said if it bled, it led, and he could get fifteen minutes out of a sob story on the nightly news over a week. And that would keep people coming back to see the follow-up stories. A good news story, if he was lucky, might get 30 seconds ONE night.

And that’s what the media is doing, and doing on purpose. Hype the killer, more details, more history, more everything about them. That’s views, which translate to money for the channel… Dammit…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner…



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  1. I’ve been having an extended argument with some anonymous type elsewhere. One of the things that has come up is that when you have these atrocities, there’s a ‘who, a what, and a why’.

    I pointed out that the focus is ALWAYS on the ‘what’, never on the ‘why’ and the ‘who’.

  2. I was having a discussion with someone yesterday and said they should make it illegal to publish the name etc. of the shooter, including on social media. They replied that it’s “a First Amendment right” to publish it. I replied that “If it saves just one life we should do it”. It’s for the children!

  3. It’s a matter of responsibility, something that current media have little sense of.

  4. So since everything comes down to the bottom line, what can the rest of us do that the MSM would regard as a “punishment?”

    Maybe start with publishing more info about the School Shield program by the NRA? This was the first time I had heard about it.

    Not only did this kid use a shotgun and a revolver, he also had numerous bombs inside the building and outside as well, according to what I read on-line/heard on TV. Thank God none of them went off. So he was into killing folks, not just shooting up classmates he didn’t like. It always comes back to mental health issues. As I read somewhere else, “mass shooting incidents” are NOT part of the “gun culture”.

    Until KIDS start treating other KIDS with respect and dignity, seeing them as people, not just images in a video game, these events will continue to happen. Parents need to be involved with their own children, so they get the attention they need from Mom and Dad, not from MSM.

  5. Over 50 years ago between my Freshman and Sophomore years of college when I thought I wanted to be a reporter I spent a summer working for a county seat daily newspaper. It was fun and an eye opener, I was supposed to write two features each week, go by the county jail, hospital, funeral home and court house every day or so and copy all the public stuff and write it up the best I could, which was not too bad. Most of my time was spent on ad layout and selling sports participation pages, big ad with all sorts of local merchants listed below as supporters and that was out on the streets and fun.

    The eye opener part was making sure I wrote good things about the city mothers and fathers, did not offend advertisers in any way and make sure political news, city council and country commissioner meets follow the preferences of the publisher, kind of all the news that’s fit to print the way we want to print it.

    I did manage to get a couple of stories picked up by wire services because they were interesting with a funny twist and I did manage to piss off a few people writing stuff that was interesting with a funny twist, at least to my point of view including one man who was going pound my ass into the ground. That was enough to quench my dreams of being a reporter and learning how tedious and controlled the news presentation was and still is.

    As the years have gone by I am not sure if I have ever seen a significant event, where I had first hand knowledge and was interviewed by a reporter or writer, presented with the facts the way the event actually occurred without a bias in the writing. As for the TV broadcaster stuff, 30 years ago I lived across the street from the major newscaster for the most watched channel in a major city. He could read news and look smart of TV but he was an incredible ass who made dirty phone calls to a lot of the pretty wives in our neighborhood, including mine. It took us some time to figure out he was the guy but an FBI agent in the neighborhood somehow found out. My opinion about trusted news media not being trustworthy was further reenforced.

  6. Yes. What everyone said, and then some.

    It all comes back to three things, parenting (or lack there of), bullying (the root cause of many of these shooter’s angst,) and media (both easy access to the 24h news cycle and also that easily available from insta-twit-chat-blog-something-something.)

    Not much we can do about crappy parenting, wait, there is. Most states have actual laws that hold the parents fiscally and criminally liable for their precious darlings’ actions. Truancy laws, laws dealing with who’s responsible across the board for underage drivers, laws about access to guns and who’s responsible fiscally and criminally, yada yada yada. Even laws about parental responsibility for their bullying children. Mayhaps if some parents were made an example of, pour encourager les autres, so to speak, some of this bullscat will slow down. (Growing up on military bases, my parents were totally responsible for my stupidity, up to the point of my father potentially losing his clearances, or his job, or… getting booted out. So, yeah the parental responsibility threat was strong wen I was growing up.)

    Then there’s that root cause thingy. Bullying. When Che Gonzalez, the skinheaded anti-gun compatriot of everyone’s unfavorite hogg, announced on media that she tormented the Broward shooter unmercifully for years, where was the media to blame her? Where were the school authorities with all their anti-bullying programs and legistlation? Where were all the criminal charges for long term stalking and bullying (both physically and cyber, according to her own admissions)? Oh, sorry for you getting shot at, but mayhaps if you weren’t such a loathsome being to begin with, the incident might not have taken place.

    As to the media, and all the various interwebs cellphony thingymabobbers, nothing that can’t be solved by suitable application of flammable liquid. The innundation of the news into our daily lives, the need to do stupid stuff for one’s 15 minutes of fame, and mankind’s unfortunate tendency to want to continue to push boundaries, has made a toxic environment for children to live in.

    Oh, yea, I blame the schools too. And we all know why. (But, really, how much of all that FedGrantMoney went into various administrators’ pockets. Hmmmm… Hmmmmmmmmm….. Just where is all the FedGrantMoney that was supposed to be put into school security? Judging by what my county commissioners did with road money for over 30 years before becomming accountable for lack of road maintenance, it’s nothing good what happened to the money.)

    Oh, well, look, I just kicked your soapbox into toothpicks…

  7. If you think you are the only one that thought this look at the post on facebook i did yesturday, it is all about money not saving lives or they would make phones not operate in motion.