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Dana Loesch pushes back against the Parkland narrative… And it makes a lot of sense, if one bothers to look beyond the sound bites and blaring headlines…

Those blaming the deadly Parkland shooting on the National Rifle Association need to take a harder look at the Broward County school superintendent and sheriff, according to NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

“He was sending death threats to other classmates through social media platforms which under Florida law, under the state statute, that’s a felony,” said Ms. Loesch. “But because of that Promise program which he was enrolled in, none of it was reported. It was all under the radar. He didn’t have a criminal record because [superintendent] Robert Runcie and [Sheriff] Scott Israel prevented him from having one.”

Full article, HERE. From the Washington Times. This is the stuff the MSM refuses to carry, as it goes against their ‘agenda’ for gun control. They are also NOT talking about all the money that the school district had for security upgrades, that never got done…

And this one… From ‘gun free’ Britain…

A masked gunman shoots his victim at point-blank range at dawn on a quiet residential street in the most shocking image yet from ‘Wild West Britain’.

Seconds later the gunman had fled the scene in suburban Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in a van. 

Police believe the shooting was a ‘targeted attack’ and yesterday released shocking images from a resident’s CCTV camera as they hunted the gunman.

Full article, HERE from the Daily Mail.

This is what the Dems/left want to happen here. Only the criminals will have guns. And Britain’s borders are porous as hell. Guns are freely available on the black market in Europe, and the Chunnel and ferries are lightly checked. The Brits really have no idea now many guns are actually in Britain, much less how many illegal ones come in on any given day.

Much like Australia, there is a thriving ‘trade’ in illegal weapons. A few years ago, I flew from Sydney to Perth sitting next to an ER doc who worked with the NSW police. He was telling me that over 17,000 illegal guns had been taken JUST in NSW in the previous year, including fully automatic Sten guns that were being made by a motorcycle gang in a garage!!!




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  1. Just found you via another blog. Very much looking forward to reading the first in your Grey Man series and reading through your blog posts.

  2. I have come to believe that the Parkland shootings were not an accident but a hoped for incident in the ongoing Progressive war against the Deplorable Proles, a majority of Americans, having arms with which we can prevent a tyrrany by the Progressives. I am more than sure in their private circles they are congratulating themselves saying “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”

    • It does explain the rather organized and overwhelming organization that the gun-grabbers exhibited within hours of the Parkland shooting, down to scripts for the media and commercially designed and printed protest signs, shirts, hats, banners etc. Within hours… Not even Insty-Print is that fast, let alone silk screeners for t-shirts or hats…

  3. Lee- Welcome! I hope you enjoy the brain drippings… LOL

    Bill- Can’t disagree. Dammit…

  4. So, what you are saying is that blinders did not go out of style in the early 1900’s when cars became more the thing? Only now it is people wearing them instead of horses?

    I read about the entire fixing the record of the Parkland shooter and was just amazed that the other students’ parents would let something like that happen, and then wondered how many lawsuits that school district will be facing from parents who lost children. And can you sue the sheriff’s office for malfeasance or neglect of duty or just plain stupidity?? Who ever thought that teaching kids who are acting out that not having consequences to actions was a good idea?!?! I want to see the election coverage on his next election!!
    I read/hear about stuff like this and just shake my head. I am definitely getting old…

    • Suz,

      Broward County is a special section of liberal hell. They’re pretty much solely responsible for all the screwball leftist things happening in Florida. Tampa and Orlando combined don’t meet the dumbness of Dade/Broward.

      Remember, Broward County re-elected Debbie Wasserman-Shultz after all the stuff over the kerfuffle of vote fixing and pre-selected candidates that got her booted from party headquarters.

      And they still haven’t held a referendum to remove Sheriff Israel.

      That should tell you how knuckleheaded most of the voters in that district are.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    As Rahm stated” Never let a crisis go to waste”. The democrats will use any excuse to disarm all the bitter clingers. Once they have us disarmed, then they can do whatever they want and we will have to take it. It is about control.

  6. Re: Homemade Sten Guns

    Wasn’t it Tamara Keel who commented that 90% of the parts for an Owen gun are available in the plumbing aisle at your local hardware store?

    • You can download a .pdf file on a homemade Sten from the internet, and, yes, quite a few parts are from the plumbing aisle, though maybe 30% or so.

      Though they do recommend high pressure pipe for the barrel, but say it isn’t needed.