Book pimping!!!

Wing has a new book out!!!

Click on the cover to get it!

The blurb-

Raina escaped to Freeport with a tour booked under a stolen ID, and a plan to lose herself in the city. Instead, she found a city in revolt, and now both sides are after her to control the alien gifts engineered into her DNA.

Her only ally is an offworld investigator trying to get to the bottom of the explosive mix of on-planet and alien politics… but his secrets are even deadlier than her own.

From the back alleys of the souk to the depths of alien ruins, they’re now in a desperate fight to stop the revolution before everything is lost!

I alpha read this one, and enjoyed it. Dot did a great job of character development, and it’s a twisty little tale! 🙂


Book pimping!!! — 4 Comments

  1. Got mine and it is going on the “to read at the beach” pile. So after I have read it, I will do my homework and post a review on Amazon. It sounds very good! 🙂

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Downloaded my copy, and the book is in the que to be read 🙂