Welp, the muse has been riding me like a rented mule…

Sooooo… The Grey Man ‘short story’ is now about 21k words. It’s going through the alpha and beta readers, then off to the editor. And Tina is hard at work on a cover.

The ‘official’ title will be The Grey Man- Generations. It’s only going to be in kindle format, since it’s too short for a print version. Maybe if I get a few more shorts, I’ll put them out as a collection. Who knows…

All this to say, hopefully it will be up in a couple of weeks. I know I said it was going to be .99 cents, but that was when I was looking at around 7000 words. Depending on what comes out of the edits, I think it’s going to stick around 21000 words, so I’m still looking at pricing.

BUT, having said that, I’m also going to put it on KU, so you can basically read it for free as part of your monthly subscription, if you so desire.

Thanks for your patience folks. Now IF, big if, I can get the muse to go back to the current book in progress…

Yeah, yeah, I see you laughing over there in the corner… 🙂


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  1. Not laughing. Those were tears of happiness, and encouragement of the Muse.I
    Pardon me, newsreaders just started in on President Trump again. Looking for my blunderbuss!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I would look forward to reading it, but… I don’t have Kindle and I haven’t the faintest idea how to get such a thing… and I have no idea what “KU” is.

    That is really seriously disappointing, good buddy. Is there no alternative?

    • There are Kindle apps for phones & tablets (I read more on my phone than on my actual Kindle…) and I thinks even a web-version for whatever, but I’ve not used that. KU is “Kindle Unlimited (Lending Libraray)” also ‘KULL’ and it’s a sort of subscription approach that lets you read as much (or as little) as you wish… for a fee, but the fee is flat rate of $/month rather than $/page or book or word-count.

    • KU means “Kindle Unlimited” – a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee, and “borrow” up to ten e-books at a time.

      There is certainly an alternative to having a Kindle – many in fact.

      You obviously have a computer, so open the browser and open the following link to Amazon’s website.

      From there you can download and install the appropriate Kindle program to allow you to read Kindle e-books on your computer.

      If you are uncomfortable installing software, you can use the Kindle Cloud Reader. This runs in your browser – no extra software required.

      Just buy the book on Amazon’s Kindle website, then click on the “Read now in Kindle Cloud Reader” button on the thank you screen.

      Obviously, you need to sign up for a free Kindle account first.

  3. Thanks guys… I guess I’ll have to try getting up to at least the late 20th Century here…

    • When you are signed up on Kindle go to Google and look up BookBub where you can obtain free books. They’ll ask for preferences and send you a list of books every day with many being free. Reading 3/4 books a week makes free a requirement so I can save for the ones I really want to purchase.

  4. IIRC, a novel checks in around 60k words? Never mind, I’ll look it up. Will buy the short story, and a collection would be great.

    That Muse must be ordering coffee with a side of locoweed. I really like the results, but wow…

  5. Seems to have worked — thanks, folks! Now I’ll just hold my breath until it actually comes out!

  6. PK- It’s a Novella now. Shorts are less than 17-20K, novellas are 20-40K, and novels are over 40K words.

    Ian- Yea! 🙂

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I can see a trilogy here….Just saying…a good story will keep coming.

  8. Jim, would opsec keep you from writing ‘sea stories’ about your NFO days? Ala..Lex.