Now this is just flat funny…

There’s gullible and then there is GULLIBLE… It ‘must’ be the altitude! 🙂

Watch it till the end… sigh… I wonder if she’s blonde…


Snerk… — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for this one Jim. That started my day off with a belly laugh.

  2. Someone’s been reading Heinlein’s “Glory Road.”

    And to make it worse, she said she was in Marketing, which is all about lies.

    Well, the good thing is if she gets stranded she’ll always be able to start a fire, because the stupid, it burns.

  3. I couldn’t make it through. I could feel my brain atrophying about the 1:40 mark and shut it down. I’ll take ya’ll’s word that it was amusing.

  4. lol that was funny, i have never seen this guy before but i think he has a cable show

  5. But but where can you buy one and how much do they cost? They would make great birthday presents. JK.