The craziness continues…

I cannot believe… Well, I guess I can, but dayum!!!

Abolish the POTUS!

We’ve seen it: the belligerent typo-ridden tweets; the fawning press conferences with autocrats and overlords; the self-described Nazis on parade praising an American president’s name. We have seen it with our own eyes. There is a bloated authoritarian lounging in his bathrobe in a 200-year-old mansion that used to symbolize the principal republic of the world.

This isn’t from the Onion or another satire site… It’s from USA Today, HERE.

Thye unhingement is literally stunning. I cannot honestly understand the depth of hatred that these people seem to hold. Elections have consequences, as Barack Obama said. But for a major publication to actually print an article proposing to overturn the constitution and electoral college is not really surprising in the current political environment. It’s been pretty clear for three years now that the MSM and the left are running hand in hand, deathly afraid now that they are no longer in control and are in constant fear of being called to task for they outrages they have foisted on the American public.

Maxine Waters has yet to be called down for her open call for violence and attacking anyone in the administration anywhere, anytime, much less anyone who voted for Trump.

At what point are the bounds going to be overstepped?

At what point are they going to go too far?

How long before someone is killed? And then what?

The drumbeat on the left is that ‘they’ will take our guns. 300,000,000 guns, from 80-100,000,000 people? Really? If Connecticut and New York are any indication, good luck with that. Conservative estimates are less than 50% compliance with the ‘mandatory’ regulations. LEOs know they aren’t going to go door to door. They are smarter than that. And if they do, all it will take is one negligent discharge from a LEO trying to unload a weapon they are unfamiliar with to be the match that lights off something I don’t even want to think about.

NY is now trying to bankrupt the NRA by refusing to do business with any insurer that holds insurance policies of NRA members, and doing the same with banks that deal with the NRA.  Why is this not being investigated under RICO???

Delta tried that exclusion thing, and it literally cost them millions of dollars.

No one is willing to actually sit down at the table and hold realistic conversations, everyone is just talking past each other, day after day… And playing every card in the repertoire, be in race, gender, or whatever else they can dream up. Pantifa is given a pass, never having to ‘pay’ for their outrageous behavior, or getting their cases summarily dismissed by complicit judges, IF they even get charged.

I really don’t want to live in interesting times again, I did that once, and was lucky enough to make it back home…

Kicking the soapbox back in the corner, and looking for a fresh cup of coffee… sigh

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The craziness continues… — 30 Comments

  1. They’re the times we live in. If you push back against the progressives, you’re labeled in all sorts of vile ways. President Trump is clearly unafraid of the bullies and the communists. We need 6 more years of the Trump Presidency.

  2. Once through those “interesting times” should have been enough. But we, as a nation, have failed to educate the last three generations.

  3. Read yesterdays post from Way Up North re: NCIS numbers for 2018. I’m believing there is over 400 million firearms here in the USA, IMHO. Interesting post there.

  4. If I don’t like it, abolish it.
    If I don’t want it, regulate it.
    If I don’t get my way, burn it down.
    Oh by the way you’re going to pay for it.

    A liberal mantra.

  5. Ah, “What do you mean I have to share? If I can’t keep it, no one gets it!”

    Yep, finest three-year-old temper tantrum logic there. Methinks the lady needs to be turned over someone’s knee and spanked.

  6. I think it is going to take another election in which the liberals/progressives/democrats lose their shirts and are thoroughly thumped yet again before some sanity returns to the political discourse.

    The myth the MSM has been busy spreading over the past decade is that everyone agrees with the liberal coasts’ points of view.

    Reality is, as usual, somewhat different. Even on the coasts.

    Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, the grown-ups are going to have to step up and calm down the chaos. Hopefully it will be before there is a major catastrophe. I really do enjoy dull, boring, quiet times as opposed to high drama interesting times. But neither do I like temper tantrums, especially in folks over the age of two years old.

  7. Is Primary day where I am. Did what I could to, this time – for a change, get the FRONT end of the horses into office.

  8. I find it very interesting that during all the troubles with leftist leaders in this country, not one (that I can remember) rightist or conservative ever, ever, considered tearing down our form of government and installing a completely new system.

    Yes, lots of talk on the rightwing about re-establishing the government using the rules that we’re all supposed to be following, but never putting a completely new system.

    Not to mention, they’re proposing a system that will only benefit them and their city-centric views. That way lies chaos, starvation and death, and only turning the rural masses into defacto slaves will They be able to continue their grasshopper way of life.

    “The Hunger Games” was a warning, not a good idea.

    • I’ve considered a lot of possibilities, I’ve probably considered those also. Likely even during the time that I could classified as center or right.

      I’ve had to discard a lot of the possibilities I’ve considered.

      I wasn’t always this conservative, and some of the journey I was dragging myself kicking and screaming.

  9. Sorry @Suz on; But anyone who still thinks that voting will change anything is living in a fantasy world. The left has made it clear that no matter what happens they mean to– IN THERE OWN WORDS.– “EXTERMINATE all whites” All followers of Jesus. Every “right wingnut”. They will do this no matter who “wins” the next “election”. They WANT civil war. They WANT genocide. They ARE the communist party. They want YOU dead, and the only way to make them stop is to kill them all. The other day I found myself teaching my child how to break contact with a smoke grenade and suppressive fire. While her mother covered her retrograde movement. My wife caught me crying in the shower later, and didn’t understand why her asking what I was balling about made my mood worse. I’m too old too do this shit again, and to be forced to teach this to the baby girl I held in my arms while she giggled at cartoons is the most heart breaking part of my life. But make no mistake. The communist will have there revolution. If you want your children and grand children to keep living free you had best get over that river in Egypt that you are standing in, and get to work teaching them that military skill set.

    • Don’t worry Ray, while I have never been in the military, I am a country girl in the best sense of the word. My son and step daughter have been taught to shoot, and of things to be wary of. Their normalcy bias is pretty low. Mine is just about non-existent. In my day-to-day job, I see plenty of things to make me have my eyes wide open, and when the balloon does go up, I have my plans very squared away.

      Doesn’t mean I can’t hope I will be wrong tho’…

  10. @ Ray- My granddaughters are kinda sorta tree huggers/ veggies.
    I talked them into going to the range with me and they did out of respect for me or a sense of humor me.
    After a few hundred rounds of pistol and rifle they had that new shooter smile, a new realizing of self awareness/ sit. aware and the world is not unicorns. Pretty eye opening for them and their mom.
    Two weeks later I signed up one of them for a 3-gun match and she took home a trophy.
    Now they all want a CCW and I will insure that.
    It can be done.
    As to CW-2, I am afraid that it will happen no matter the elections. ‘They’ are going too far, too fast.
    God bless us all.

  11. They mean to rule.
    By any means at their disposal.
    To them the word “compromise” means “Give me what I ask for now and I’ll be back for more later.”
    Attempting to reason or debate them just gets you called “hater” or “racist.” I’m sure “wrecker,” “hoarder,” and “kulak” are not far behind.
    I’ve heard nice, middle-class, soccer moms sipping their coffee speak of “drive him from office,” “… and all his children should be sent back to Europe.” The quote marks indicate those are the words I’ve heard as closely as I can remember.
    My grim predictions (keep in mind I’ve a very poor record of prognostication):
    1) Bloodshed during the ’18 campaign. Even more should the Dem-Socs not ride the nebulous Blue Wave to Impeachment.
    2) The Dems rejecting the ’18 election results due to (insert bugaboo d’jour here) and swear in the losers as the REAL Representatives of The People thus setting up a “rump Congress”. They will hold impeachment hearings.
    3) Life gets very, Very, VERY interesting.
    Two years ago this would have been a far-fetched plot line for a dystopian novel. Today? I think I’ll open that bourbon I’ve been saving.
    Thank you for putting up with my rantings.

    • How can we expel Don Trump’s kids if we can’t even expel the Dreamers?

      I’ve just been taking notes, so I can ask what principled reasons they have for opposing more traditional forms of anti-foreign sentiment.

      I’m not seeing the current situation as being that much more concerning. But I’ve had the possibility that Democrats might murder me for political reasons as a factored into my political calculations for about twenty years or so.

  12. I don’t want violence. But I fear it’s inevitable now. We passed the point of no return long ago.

    You can’t negotiate, or even have a civil conversation, when the other side considers even the slightest disagreement with their position to be “violence,” and feels fully justified in “defending themselves” from your “violence” by bashing your head in with a bike lock in a sock… or worse.

  13. We are now in a cold civil war, and voting won’t get us out of it. A peaceful country is one where the loser might not like the election results, but still accepts them. A country in civil war is when the loser refuses to accept the results, and says, “He’s not my President”, and means it.

    The left has demonstrated that if they “win” the election by fair means or foul, they expect us to respect the results. BUT, having lost the last election, they have been trying to overturn the Presidency by any means possible, which is the definition of sedition (the article above being just a more explicit example).

    For those who don’t want violence, we’ve already past that point. The left has consistently, from 2015, engaged in violence, knowing full well the MSM and Democrat politicians will protect them.

    Let me offer an article that crystalized my thinking, where before I had hope we could vote our way out of this: Cold civil war

    • They are still pussies compared to the Democrat’s hissy fit over Lincoln winning the electoral college with 40% of the actual vote.

      Compare the relative timelines. The ACW started in 1861, and August 15 1862 was the start of the battle of Lone Jack.

      The Southern Democrats were fairly committed to the fight by that point, and Lincoln wouldn’t back down either.

      The current Democrats are talking big, and some of them are pulling Copperhead crud. But they haven’t much nerved themselves up to really get stuck in and take losses doing it.

      The relative lack of enthusiasm means the modern Democrats are disadvantaged, compared to the Confederates, in sustaining the drive for civil war. The Democrats have lost elections before without hissy fits. Why was this one different from the others, excepting Lincoln?

      This time Hillary came really close, she wasn’t sane enough to cope, and the Clintons had hollowed out the Democratic Party enough to make it an extension of her personal psychotic episode.

      Okay, the Communists have convinced themselves that this is finally The Day. But the odds have always sucked for the Communists in America, compared to the places where they’ve won and started butchering. The people who survived the Communists came here, and have been warning us for decades.

      A lot of the communists are facing dying of old age, and are desperate. But the Center of Madness for the Democratic
      Party is Hillary Clinton, and it is not clear that Democrats can sustain the insanity when she dies of old age and poor health.

  14. I see an Antifa with masks etc on TV and I want to bash their skulls.
    That’s not the way I want to be.
    But I will be if needed.

  15. Raptor- You DO have a good point…

    Steve- Can’t disagree. Dammit…

    Ed- Neither do I.

  16. Hey Old NFO;

    This kinda ties in with a post that I am working one….dangit.

    • Hey Old NFO;

      of course, sometimes I play off you and sometimes you do the same. Great minds think alike, LOL…..or is that a scary thought…..