Worth 1000 words…

And make you go ‘huh’???

Think I’ve actually seen this one crossing the desert in California

And this one is just downright funny… 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!


Worth 1000 words… — 13 Comments

  1. Best one I saw, of course I was driving and no camera available (days when cameras used film, made from dinosaur guts). We were driving the back roads across Lower Alabama when we saw the sign outside a honky tonk. On two lines it read:

    Live Band
    Bear Fight

    We did not wait for opening to find out is this was the band’s name, or the night’s list of entertainment.

    I think I’ve seen that “Absolutely Nothing” sign also, either in CA or AZ. It motivates you to get to a place where there is something.

    • Yeah, between the Burma Shave signs and the “Alphabet Game”, the highway miles just oozed by.

      • There’s a public school not far from Flat State U with a very creative PTA. They made up “Burma-shave” signs to put by the road (with the city’s blessing) at the start of the year, and to advertise their fund raisers. As I recall, they actually got permission to reproduce the “School crossing/ Take it slow/ Let the Little/ Shavers grow. Burma-Shave.”

  2. Ed- LOL

    PK- Oh yeah… And it ‘could’ have been both… sigh…

    Jim/Homebru- I remember those too!

    TXRed- Now THAT is a great idea! 😀

  3. The funniest sign issue I heard about was in a small town in NH – the local funeral parlor was next to a fishing supply store, and they had adjacent signs. They once read, “Smith and Sons Funeral Home” and “Worms For Sale”!!
    I also miss the old Burma Shave signs – helped a lot of kids pass away the miles on those road trips…

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Yep those were pretty good, although we have in the south “See Rock City” or the ever popular “South of the border” restaurants, I saw in South Carolina and saw them….and saw them,…and saw them….

    • Up in South Dakota, there are many signs for Wall Drug, long before you’re in proximity. Meramec Caverns in Missouri still has many signs, though apparently fewer than in the heyday of Route 66. And the tourist trap that is Clines Corner, New Mexico has a a few signs, too. The now-defunct Old South Barbecue Ranch of Clewiston, Florida had signs tens of miles out well up into 1980’s.

  5. Before the Interstate between Utah and Idaho there was a huge billboard you could see from miles away but not read until you were right on it. Said, “Boring, isn’t it?”