Ye haaa… Watch this!!!

I didn’t think they’d actually allow it, but LockMart did!

I’m betting THIS time the loadmaster was strapped down… 🙂

Next time, maybe they’ll throw in a barrel roll!



Ye haaa… Watch this!!! — 17 Comments

  1. My dad would have loved to do that. He started out flying single engine stuff taking off from cow pastures in 1945, and by 1958 he was flying C-46s for Riddle Airlines, later Airlift International, moving up to the big stuff when they expanded along the years (DC-7 and -8, and the Boeing 707 & 727, among others). He was with the company until they finally closed the doors in 1991.
    At his funeral, I was somewhat shocked to hear the other pilots talk about my dad. They said ‘any flight with Captain Chrismon was always a classroom (which I ABSOLUTELY understood!)’, but that sometimes he would start swinging the aircraft from side to side in the air, dodging clouds, just for fun. (I’m assuming he never did that unless it was a cargo hop.) I think his last logbook entry showed him with in excess of 28,000 hours. I’m not sure how much of that was inverted.

  2. Oh, boy, I can see Fat Albert doing this at an upcoming airshow. Heh, what next, taking off of an aircraft carrier…. wait, that’s been done.

    So, the way they keep making the plane better and better, 90 years from now, there’s probably going to be some version of the Herc flying on Mars or something.

  3. I spoke with a pilot once who told me this was possible. He said the plane was good and would do just about anything.

  4. You say “this time” – that sounds like there is a story begging to be told of another time that this was done!

    I’m surprised the Hercules has enough power to pull up and over like that; I couldn’t tell from the video – was it in a dive beforehand to pick up speed?

  5. Nope, absoloutely NOT! As a tube rat in P-3’s, this is the kind of thing that nightmares are made of. Who’s gonna get stuck cleaning up all the coffee/piss/trash in the back of the airplane? Me, that’s who. I ain’t gonna do it!

  6. That is one awesome plane and a good pilot. That would have been fun.

  7. The loop was impressive — all positive G, though it looks like not be much (a couple of the level offs may have gone negative)… but the whole show was impressive. That knife edge turn takes real skill by the pilot — not to mention a superb aircraft.

  8. My memory may be faulty, but… seems to me I remember cracking at the wingroots and upgrades on the C-130, C-141, and even the mighty C-5.
    Obviously, Lockheed has those problems resolved.?

  9. All- Thanks for the comments, and GB, you’re right and they did fix those issues.

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  10. How to the new engines and prop configuration compare to the original Herc in terms of HP and/or thrust?
    I ask ’cause I know the 4 engines on the newest 747s equal the thrust of 5 originals.

  11. Not shocked a bit.

    Grew up watching CA-ANG demo suppressive flame retardant runs at the VNY air show, for which purpose they are still occasionally used (when they aren’t letting the state burn down, to fix the earlier policy of not letting the state burn down). That, Apollo Saturn V engine tests in the surrounding hills on weekends, and watching S-3s and P-3s coming in to Burbank were formative childhood memories growing up in the approach corridor to Lockheed.

    Given a time machine, I want one packed with half a dozen twin. 50 weapons stations, and set loose on the Western front circa 1917: cat among the pigeons.
    Then use a Spectre version to open up the ground game.

    It’s one hell of a great airplane, and projected to make the 70-year mark before replacement.

    I’ll believe they replace it when I see it, and if I hit the lotto, I want one of the cast-off Js.
    Just because.

  12. Wayne Roberts calls it a Corkscrew recovery – a tight horizontal turn inclined at (60?) degrees…DEFINITELY NOT A LOOP, NO SIR, MR FAA AIRCRAFT CERTIFICATION OFFICE INSPECTOR, NO LOOP HERE…..

  13. PS Embraer packed up their KC-390 and went home after that demo; their display was lame.