Ye haaa… Watch this!!!

I didn’t think they’d actually allow it, but LockMart did! I’m betting THIS time the loadmaster was strapped down… 🙂 Next time, maybe they’ll throw in a barrel roll!   … Continue reading

Professionalism at it’s finest!!!

Truly the pros from Dover… The Rule is- Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. This is how it’s supposed to be done. Apparently the ‘initial’ roll was around 40 degrees into the dead engine, along with the associated depressurization, vibration and assorted ‘other’ … Continue reading

Aging out…

This one came over the transom last night via the mil-email string… As we get older and we experience the loss of old friends, we begin to realize that maybe we  bullet-proof Pilots won’t live forever. We aren’t so bullet-proof … Continue reading


Pilots – go figure One fine hot summer afternoon there was a Cessna 150 flying in the pattern at a quiet country airfield. The Instructor was getting quite bothered with the student’s inability to maintain altitude in the thermals and … Continue reading

Earning that flight pay…

Edit- It figures… I’m on a redeye and the damn post doesn’t go up as scheduled… sorry… Sometimes it’s a GOOD thing to be in a Harrier… And having a footstool handy… Kudos not only to the pilot, but the … Continue reading

Raytheon Award Winners…

This one goes out to MSgt B, Old AF, Buck and Juvat; and all those others who’ve BTDT… Old stomping grounds for a lot of us (some older than others)… Congrats to the Cocks… … Continue reading

More Stearmans…

The 2014 New Years Video… I can’t embed it, but here’s the link… And Mr. Kinsey deserves a BIG tip of the hat for what he does to support Naval Aviation… This was a couple of years ago, but thank … Continue reading

The ‘rest’ of the story…

The initial story was an ‘older’ man landing an airplane after the pilot had a heart attack… The additional details are enough to send shivers up the back of the neck… Night, unlit panel, no landing lights… Here is … Continue reading

E-Ticket Ride!!!

You hear about E-Ticket rides, but this one IS one!!! F/A-18 running VR1251 from  Punta Gorda, CA to Fallon, NV… Notice how he was looking back over his shoulder?  He was looking for his wingman, to make sure he was … Continue reading

F-111 Redux???

Well, among ‘other’ issues with the F-35, these comments have been ‘released’… “The out-of-cockpit visibility in the F-35A is less than other Air Force fighter aircraft,” states the report from the Defense Department’s Directorate of Operational Test and Evaluation, referring … Continue reading