Songbird is gone…

John McCain, AKA Songbird, is now having to answer to a higher power tonight. And this will be one time he can’t lie his way out of what he’s done.

I’m sure the media will lionize him, elevating him almost like another Kennedy, all the while sweeping his real ‘accomplishments’ under the carpet as fast and hard as they can.

But the ‘net has a long memory…

His marriage into the Hensley family, and access to the money…

The Keating scandal- Anybody remember that one? No? Didn’t think so… Here are a couple of refreshers, HERE and HERE.

We will never know the real answer to what he did as a POW, unless they finally find the missing tapes of his broadcasts. The part I have a problem with was his insistence that there were no live POWs left behind after the 1973 release of the Hanoi POWs.  How could he possibly have known that? He was supposedly in the Hanoi Hilton, unless ‘somebody’ told him. There are a number of reports that a number of prisoners were left behind, in other locations. Some were alleged to be seen by witnesses, for more than a decade, into the early 80s. His constant fight to not allow access to the MIA/POW records and debriefs held by the Pentagon has never made any sense, unless there is something in ‘his’ debrief that he doesn’t want to get out, HERE.

Maybe it’s a good thing he spent time in Arizona, it’ll make him a little more accustomed to the heat where he’s gonna be for eternity.

Yep, already lauding him, especially for standing up to Trump, but nothing about his past actions, per se. HERE from the NY Post.


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  1. Never forget for most of his Senate years, his BFF was another turncoat, Lurch.

  2. John McCain was a RINO, which is why the deep state was so attracted to him. I agree with your post. Whatever his accomplishments in life, he went out looking mean and small. Voting down the Obamacare repeal just to put his finger in President Trump’s eye revealed his vanity and the willingness he always showed to put his own personal agenda ahead of the best interests of the American people.

  3. McCain graduated from the Naval Academy in June 1958; he was fifth from the bottom in class rank, 894th out of 899. The son and grandson of two, four star admirals was not going to fail.

  4. McCain will not be missed, and the world is a better place today than it was yesterday.

    That’s the nicest thing I can think of to type, the rest gets nasty.

  5. The Democratic party has lost one of their key covert operatives.

  6. Yes I remember. I was in Phoenix when the Keating scandal hit. Lincoln Savings and Loan (Keating) and the other me too S&Ls destroyed property values in Phoenix for years. My take on McCain was either he’s was complicit with Keating or too stupid to be a Senator. Apparently the Senate “Ethics” Committee decided on the latter, but the Arizona voters gave him a complete pass.

    I wish no one to die the way he did, and he suffered mote than anyone should have too in this life. It’s now between him and his God.

  7. It’s said that if you can’t say something nice about someone, one shouldn’t say anything at all. So I say …

  8. This is just my civilian speculation, but I cannot believe that, given who his father and grandfather were, the KGB and/or GRU was not represented in the interrogation rooms in Hanoi when McCain was being questioned or that there was not an extensive file on him in Moscow – which the FSB and SVR inherited.

    Probably not so much a Manchurian Candidate thing, but even if they didn’t learn something about him that he would have wanted to hide, they would have known how to push his buttons.

  9. Any glory he made have acquired during Vietnam, small amount maybe, he tarnished and destroyed by his actions afterwards.

    His tossing away of a faithful wife.

    His hound-dogging a woman with money and access to power.

    His constant support of every nasty piece of socialism that came through the Senate.

    The only thing he did good was fighting for some military programs, like the A-10, and that makes me wonder who exactly was paying him.

    His constant support of the worst president ever.

    His nastiness towards Trump before Trump returned the favor.

    The pettiness as shown in his funeral plans.

    Good Bye. Good Riddance. The world is a brighter place without you.

    Now, take that traitorous female dog that married Ted Turner. Please.

  10. All- Can’t disagree. Grog, DAMN! That’s the first time I ever heard that… sigh…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. Gotta disagree with “Ghost” and his post.
    A couple of thoughts folks; this is going to be long, bear with me. I was there; O-3 level, amidships, watching the PLAT until it went black. Then I had a peripheral role with the investigative team for the four weeks of transit back from Subic to Norfolk. The investigators thought they knew the most likely cause but it wasn’t until the Enterprise had a similar disaster several years later that it became clear.
    It was our 4th day on YS; our first Alpha strike, with more than the usual number of acft armed for the launch.
    A huffer (yellow gear, starting unit) was parked so that it’s very hot exhaust blew directly on a Zuni pod on an F-4 on the stbd side. The Zuni ignited and flew to the port side and struck an A-4’s fuel tank…from there on the disaster couldn’t be stopped. The A-4 may have been MCain’s acft, I can’t remember. Every pilot and NFO who could leave their acft did so, McCain included. The “wet start” is a shameful internet lie, period, full stop. Some reports used the term “electrical anomaly” as the ignition source….I won’t argue the point, but ever since we made sure huffer exhaust didn’t blow on ordnance we haven’t had a problem like this. As an aside the F-4 pilot was adamant that all of his ordnance switches were “safe” when the rocket left his wing. (knew him well, we were both on CAG-17 staff). When all was done it was clear that the MK-65 (M117) series bombs that McNamara brought in from storage in the Arizona desert had gone off high order (as did the Shrikes, and if memory serves the Sidewinders and Sparrows); the newer Mk-80 series bombs cooked off low order; external drop tanks were ruptured adding their fuel to the conflagration. The high order explosions killed most of the fire crew responding; worse, their hoses were shredded; the monitors you see around the flight deck catwalks were added as a result of the fire.
    We had 134 dead and a larger number wounded; a significant number were from the F-4 squadrons “night check” crews in berthing on the O-3 level aft. Explosions ripped open the 2″ armor plate of the flight deck and the flaming jet fuel poured into the berthing area….those who ran when GQ sounded lived; those who stopped to grab shoes or pants died.
    In the spring of ’73 I escorted one of the men home from Hanoi as they were repatriated. Torture is a word that is used too loosely, but it’s appropriate for the treatment of the POW’s in Hanoi. The NVA wanted my guy to meet with Fonda….he refused…..they put him in “the ropes”. With his arms tied behind him they tossed a rope over a ceiling beam and pulled his arms up until his right arm was torn out of the socket.
    McCain had equally bad treatment and isolation for most of his imprisonment. Regardless of his time as a Senator….he’s paid his dues. And he was not in any way responsible for Forrestal’s disaster.
    The Hanoi “confession” has no basis in history or fact; it has been repeatedly shown to be completely false and by repeating it here debases all those who were there when hell was in session.
    Sorry for the length; this needed to be said.

    • Thank you for posting that. Your fisking of false narratives about McCain is a much needed corrective and a reminder that there are a lot of lies out there about people in the public eye. We need to be careful about what we pass along.

    • Thank you for your post, Haze Gray. I’d appreciate it if someone would write a translation for we civilians who have never been on an aircraft carrier and have no idea at all as to what some of these items actually are.

      • Here’s a simple translation.

        On the crowded rear and side deck (the airfield), loaded with planes being armed and ready to be catapulted off the front, a jet-engine-on-a-cart, used to start the jet-engines in the planes (not enough room in the plane for built in starters) overheated a pod of rockets hanging on an F-4 Phantom II fighter plane.

        One of the rockets self-fired, launched itself across the crowded deck, and blasted into the fuel tanks of an A-4 Skyhawk attack plane (like the one John McCain was in.) This should not have happened. But later it was found that the Zuni rockets were not of the best manufacture, and somewhat prone to misfires.

        The following fire spread other planes, setting off their fuel tanks, and to a bunch of bombs left over from WWII and Korea, which were not as stable as more modern explosives (brought out of storage to save money – that’s right, some faceless bean-counter some where is really at fault.)

        More modern bombs of the time were not as prone to blowing up when exposed to fire.

        The resulting explosions and fires spread to more planes and ammunition.

        The initial explosions killed or injured many of the deck crew assigned as fire-fighters, and wiped out fire-fighting equipment.

        Many more were injured or killed while trying to push the explosives and even whole planes off the ship.

        The explosions blew holes in the deck, allowing flaming fuel to come through basically the roof, into the ship. Those who ran right away lived. Those who were slow died or were horribly injured.

        What people falsely blame John McCain for, according to the above information, was improperly starting his jet by flooding the jet chamber with fuel and then igniting it, rather than squirting fuel into the chamber and igniting it.

        Results of studying the accident: Don’t have hot jet exhaust the ‘huffer cart’ blowing on ammunition. That stopped any further accidents of this type.

        Newer carriers have specific ammo storage areas on the deck and special ‘dump’ ramps and chutes to make it easier, if this ever happens again, to quickly get rid of the stuff. And no more hot exhaust blowing into the ammo storage areas.

        Hope this helps.

        Just to give you an example of how crowded a carrier deck is, take a 1,000 foot section of interstate. Put 6,000 feets worth of cars on it. While having NASCAR pit crews service the cars. And toss in about 400 other people walking around between the cars. Cars go off the front, circle around, re-enter on the rear. Set one on fire. Have the occupants jump out and run away. All while there’s a 30mph wind blowing from the front. During an earthquake.

        Carrier operations are extremely difficult. One false step from any one of the people working on the deck and severe injury is the best that can happen. Check out some of the many videos available regarding launching and landings. And people say pro-athletes are coordinated!

        • Oh holy shit.

          Okay, well – my thanks to Beans for his explanation. That whole thing must have redefined the phrase ‘nightmare train wreck with a burning orphanage’.

          Thanks again for taking time to write.

          • It was the equivalent of what happened to some of the fleet carriers during Kamikaze attacks.

            And it is the reason why we won at Midway. We caught their carriers with aircraft armed and refueling on the decks. Once you start that big of a fire, it’s almost impossible to put out.

            We were lucky, very lucky, that we didn’t lose the Forrestal that horrible day, and that the casualty figures were so low. Yes. It could have been, and in all rights should have been much worse. Many brave men sacrificed their lives to clear the deck and put out the fires.

            I fault no one for wanting to run away from that hell. I applaud those who ran towards and into it.

          • And, yeah, burning orphanage, if the doors to the orphanage were chained shut and the orphans had to put the fire out themselves.

            I am not scared of much. But uncontrolled fire turns my insides to jello. I don’t want to find out if I have the guts to stand up to that hell.

  12. Haze Gray, thank you for posting that.

    I gained no satisfaction in posting the link, if anyone was wondering, because it’s not a good habit to speak ill of the dead, as the saying goes, and will acknowledge that Ghost is presenting false information, with what I just read.

    And I would like to share a comment from Borepatch; “May the Lord grant Grace to us all, even such as Sen. McCain.”

  13. Hey Old NFO:

    I respected what John McCain did in Hanoi, but I didn’t after he became a senator, the small minded backstabbing and supporting the democrats over his own party really annoyed me. Sure the media loved him, except when he ran against Obungler and he totally shanked Sarah Palin. May the Good Lord grant him forgiveness but I am not really feeling it.

  14. I don’t have a personal dog in the fight but I didn’t like his treasonous, GIANT RAT behavior.

    So I won’t say “deep state puppet.”

  15. glad you posted this. it seems from the news that he was the greatest American ever. I will be glad when all these ‘tributes’ are over

  16. The US military intelligence agencies were certain that all living POWs in Vietnam were released. That’s Vietnam not Southeast Asia.

    If you can get a copy of Inside Hanoi’s Secrets, the reasons will be clearer.