I got nuffin today… On the road to a weekend with friends. Go read the folks on the sidebar!

So I’ll leave this here…

For the next week I’ll be pretty much off the net, little to no connectivity, so light posting and commenting. I’ll try to get some stuff up, depending…



Nada… — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoy your time off – hope the destination is worth the time and mileage. Good time of year to take off – deer season will be here really soon.

  2. I wonder if breaking the third item in a mirrored bedroom would result in a set of septuplets?
    (I had to look it up)

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Have fun chasing the elusive whitetail, and yes that is pretty good, I will shamelessly rip that one off…

  4. Have fun! Shame you won’t be far enough north in Colorado to visit…
    And you’re just in time for some cold weather here!

  5. All- thanks for the comments! 🙂 And yes it will definitely be worth it!

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