All good things…

Must come to an end… Sadly another year is in the books, I’m getting together with friends, shooting guns, eating good food, and catching up on the last year. The ghost of the barn will remain in our memories until next year.

Keep the folks in your thoughts as we scatter back to our homes.


All good things… — 7 Comments

  1. If the Lawdog is nearby among that coterie, please pass on my best respects and thanks. Going through Physical Tyranny now, after a surgery for a bad shoulder injury. Needed a a different anodyne for the pain, so I re-rea DC some of his Africa Adventure tales. The Rabid Ratel and the Devil Children stories induced a mite more physical pain, but the laughter and lightened heart was much worth it.

    The Gerey Man is similarly comforting, but I needed that droll statement of outrageous actions.

  2. Needed to add this: all y’all write a lot of good books, ones that I like, share, or recommend. The change jar is getting that scared look again, as Rimworld novel gets closer.

  3. Be careful. Road damage on I-40 in Amarillo because of flooding, and high water to the south of town. We’ve gotten 25% of our “average” rain since Friday.

    I feel a bit like a wheat farmer from KS I heard interviewed on the radio a few years back, who got ten inches in an hour. “We appreciate the rain, but if the Good Lord could spread it out a little more next time, we’d be even happier.”

  4. PK- Done, and thank you!

    TXRed- Thanks for the update! And amen to that sentiment! It was standing water all the way down to Claude!!!