Four days with no TV and no Intarwebz has dropped my BP by at least 10 points! 🙂

Our yearly get together seems to have that effect on everybody, and we turn money into noise and smoke in amazing quantities! Old school was a 1921 Thompson, new school was an M-16, and much giggling was observed. 🙂

We ate WAY too much, had some ‘interesting’ conversations, and just basically chilled out for a few days.

Sadly, now it’s back to reality, but I’m postponing that for a couple of more days… Going to take a couple of days and go deer hunting. Rupert ‘should’ be about a 6 pointer now, and mature enough to be taken.

Of course THIS is what I will probably get… sigh…

I would like to thank those that have put up reviews on Amazon, two of the Grey Man are over 100 reviews now, and all the others are at least at fifty, with the exception of Generations. One reviewer gave it a three star for my NOT resolving the issue with Ryan in book five… sigh…

That resolution occurs in book six, which will be out after the 2nd Rimworld. And yes, I know I’m not writing fast enough, but I really needed a little time off to recharge the batteries…

Bear with me, please. I WILL get there!


Recharged!!! — 8 Comments

  1. Not looking too good for this season. Received quite a bit of rain in late September and having no cattle on the acreage, lots of natural forage and high grass. No reason for animals to come out and travel. The two track roads are overgrown with grass in many areas.

    Thats okay though. I’ve evolved to where a successful hunt doesn’t mean a cooler full of meat. A cool day in the woods, watching the sun come up and go down is an awesome experience. Listening to the woods come alive and watch the wildlife do their thing. Cool.

    Mom passed away this past June – holiday season will be strange without her around. That will take some getting used to also.

    Have a good hunt sir !

  2. Is that photo of a relative of the jackalope? 😛

  3. Getting away to recharge is mandatory; glad to hear your trip was a good one. Best of luck finding Rupert!

  4. Damn squirrels are snitches!
    “The hunter is over there!” they tell the deer.
    Gonna take a .22 pistol along with me to teach those furry tailed tree-rats a lesson