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Is it just me, or are decorations for various ‘holidays’ getting out of hand???

It’s not even Halloween yet, and I’m already seeing Christmas stuff out, and Thanksgiving… We used to never seen Thanksgiving stuff until after Halloween, and no Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.

And the advent of blow up dolls has ‘blown’ the whole thing out of proportions! You can get animatronics, dolls, complete scenes for just about everything…

And good luck finding a regular old orange pumpkin!

And I have no idea what the hell you’re supposed to do with these???

Looking around, there are apparently now ‘professional’ pumpkin carvers who charge a BUNCH of money for carved pumpkins to put on your doorstep… Really? What happened to Mom/Dad helping Junior or Sissy ‘carve’ the pumpkin? And make a mess all over the kitchen table in the process?

I do have to admit I did see a funny one come across my feed earlier in the week, which of course I can’t find again, but it was lawn Flamingos picking over a skeleton, with one holding a femur in its beak.

That probably goes back to this one from four or five years ago… Which was a pretty good one at the time!

And then there are vehicle decorations… Of course ‘this one’ is from Texas…

Although I’ll admit I’d love to seen that one in Portland or Bezerkley… 🙂


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  1. The local Lowe’s hardware chain had three aisles full of Christmas stuff for a I while; since I went there three weeks ago, anyway.

    I remember my parents being outraged when stores started putting out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving… now it’s before Columbus Day…

  2. I’m seeing Christmas decor at my local grocery store… in Eastern Europe.

    Weird. I wasn’t expecting that here.

    • Mayhaps it is a reaction to the de-Christianizing of Western Europe. Or maybe too much American TV. Or both.

  3. *Giggle* Someone had a blog link in early September of some clerks at Jo-Ann’s fabrics having far too much fun with the Halloween skeletons before the manager arrived. A skeleton was manning the checkout, a pack of skeleton hounds was dragging a clerk off around a corner…

    The manager was Not Amused.

  4. Best one I ever saw was a bear that had a hunk of red material in his mouth – with Santa up a tree and his red and white boxers showing where the hunk used to be. That was on US 12 going west toward Chinook Pass – not been that way for a couple of decades so it may not be around anymore.

    • Part of that, and partly that the warehouse / corporate (central planning) pushes it and the backstock space needs freeing, so… out to the floor it goes, taste and judgment be damned.

  5. Those things are called gourds and are used for table/sideboard dressing if you are of that mind. Some folks just let them dry completely up, cut a hole in the side and hang them up for bird nests. Whatever floats your boat!!

  6. All- Thanks for the comments, and no, it’s NOT my truck… Ev- I don’t remember them, and we used bigger gourds for bird nests!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  7. We have a bazillion orange pumpkins around here. Plus they have the colored ones too. Those gourds, great for fall decorating and you can leave them out until Thanksgiving even. See! Win, win. You can dry them and make bird houses out of them as well. A good retirement project. LOL

  8. NFO: You obviously dind’t hink about cutting the Gourdian NOT.

  9. I don’t know. You could make a pretty nifty horned jack-o-lantern out of the gourd in the second picture.