Okay… Okay, already…

The drought is broken! We don’t live in Seattle…

We haven’t seen the sun for over a week! 7 count ’em, SEVEN inches of rain in the last week and a half.

But, I thought we were going to catch a break…

There was blue sky, and SUNLIGHT… Sigh…

But it didn’t last, it’s now raining again.

And apparently I am ‘deficient’ in my home decorating.

‘I’ don’t have a chandelier in my garage…

At one of my high school classmate’s house night before last for a little (30 people) get together, so there were tables everywhere, and food, oh… The food! Overserved myself twice!


Okay… Okay, already… — 12 Comments

  1. After cooking all summer working outside in 110-115 degree weather, with the blasted humidity, I’m gonna enjoy this weather I prayed for all summer. And I am loving this cool, wet weather. Especially after all the dry we’ve had. It came early, and I welcome it.

    I grew up just west of where your writer’s guild lives. I saw summer sun my whole childhood. I prayed for shade while I was chopping cotton, or haying, or cleaning bricks, or stripping lumber. Never had an exclusively inside job… I’m sure old Sol will be there, shining down, even if I can’t see him for the clouds.

  2. Well, that just means all the more time to work on your stories, since it must be too squishy to work outside, right?

    Seriously, 7 inches that quick is a bit much for sure.

    Don’t be floating down river to the Gulf!! Some of the pictures I have seen on the news on the water levels do not look good at all!!

  3. I’ll take a lift over a chandelier in my garage.
    But right now I have neither. 🙁
    But that garage has good people.
    That’s the best decorating.

  4. We got over seven inches since Oct 1, with more coming on Tuesday if the weather guessers are correct. And more after that, with an El Niño brewing. All the doors and gates now open properly, and the ground is almost soft-ish. We had sun yesterday and today, so maybe some will get down your way soon. You can send the clouds up here anytime. I was enjoying the redhead-weather. 😉

  5. STX- Oh no question. I remember those days too…

    Suz- Working on them… And no, lots of rivers/lakes out of banks!

    Ed- LOL, don’t we wish!

    TXRed- LOL, redhead weather is right…

  6. A house we bought while I was working for a manufactured housing company had the cheapest builder basic lights. The company had numerous “chandeliers” in a “make offer” box. Soon every room had a hanging swag light including three in the garage.

  7. That wouldn’t light our “garage” up enough to see anything. You all would be playing blind man’s bluff LOL

  8. So, you obviously weren’t following the National Hurricane Center’s reporting on Hurricane Serge, which started off the Pacific Cost of Mexico, blew over New Mexico, and didn’t quite make it to Oklahoma (where it was originally expected to blow out.)

    What do you mean not everyone checks the NHC website daily?