This is just… Wow!

Claire McCaskill obviously DOES NOT believe in the Missouri motto of the ‘Show Me State’…

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a new undercover video Monday night showing Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and her staffers expressing support for radical gun control measures that they admit she can’t state publicly.

Full article, HERE with video!

It’s fairly obvious she is willing to go to ANY length to get re-elected.

A pox on ALL the politician’s houses! Vote them ALL out and bring in term limits! Enough is enough… Grrrr


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  1. I hope the Missouri GOP is making hay with that in a BIG way right now, instead of ‘taking the high road’.

  2. Definitely agree with the sentiment. Roll back the amendments concerning voting rights, and then select the candidates by random draw for each party affiliation listed. It’d be difficult to come up with a worse set of personalities than we’ve seen this past century. Might find someone at least partially honest in the mix.

  3. She was re-elected the last time only because of a stupid comment by her opponent. Her strength is in St. Louis and Kansas City, of course. Hopefully real Missouri will overcome those two blocks.

    • Per friend in St. Louis none of the “news” outlets there have mentioned the O’Keefe videos. Am sure the KC outlets are sitting on it as well.
      Doesn’t matter.
      McCaskill is toast.
      Best guess? Loses by at least 10 points.

  4. Colorado went with term limits a few years ago at the state level but not US Representatives and Senators. Can’t see where things have changed much. Term limited in one office? Run for a different office. They don’t go away.

  5. Die-hard leftist idiots will still vote for her no matter what. Just look at the dumb-butts in South Florida who voted to keep Debbie Wassername Shultz in office after she was found to be fiddling the election results of the DNC. Or the idjits that kept Corinne Brown in office long after there was proof that the average dead cockroach was smarter and better looking. Or all the jerks who keep that weird-hat lady in office.

    Or Keith Ellison, who looks to win his race even though there’s credible evidence, like enough to put him in prison, that he’s a violent sexist woman abuser. But he looks good and he’s a Dem, so he’ll get voted in.

    Stupidity and meanness seems to be positive traits in Democratic politicians.

  6. Thanks for fixing the link. I’d support a two term limit to any office with a maximum combined federal office limit of ten years of they are mixed offices. Represent your people then go home and go back to work at a real job. And no employment at any business that does business with federal government until ten years after you left office. Plus no employment ever at any lobbyist firm.
    Hey, I can dream, can’t I?