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Alma Boykin has an new Familiars tale out! Oddly Familiar

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The blurb-

Ah, October, when the ghosts, and spirits walk, and the Off Ramp of Doom falls quiet. Too quiet…

Lelia Chan and her Familiar, Tay, continue learning about magic and what mages do. When a customer drops a strange silver disk in Belle, Book, and Blacklight, it starts a chain of events that pull Lelia deeper into shadow magic. André Lestrange and Rodney return to help sort out the off-ramp. Someone else returns, someone who wants to open doors best left closed. Lelia and Company have their hands and paws full dealing with the forces of darkness and bad jokes.

Evil walks on All Hallows Eve. It’s up to Lelia and Tay to send it back where it belongs. Or else.

And Cedar Sanderson has a free short story up- Sugar Skull!

The blurb-

Short Story: 

Sally, whose full name was Alessandra Padilla Rivera, and who had been raised by a grandmama on stories of El Cucuy, the chupacabra, and the jaguar god who hunts in the night, knows how hard good jobs are to find, and keep. She has a mother to support, and a new job to prove herself at. A couple of problems, though… She is working in a morgue where strange things are happening. The only person she can talk to is her boss, her mother just turns the television volume up, and her friends are grossed out by her job. But Sally is convinced her boss isn’t fully human…


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  1. Well, moo! For once slow ox ahead. Already read both. But still must review… so.. ox still slow, yes.

  2. Review posted for Oddly Familiar. Good characters, nice action and suspense, and huge comic relief from the minor characters. Watch for Angus to consider refighting Culloden on his terms, or a second Battle of the Boyne. Enjoy!