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On the ‘caravan’…

Who is paying for their food, water, medications, and busses? Lawdog and I were chewing this over at lunch yesterday, and ‘somebody’ is behind this…

Logistics is a nightmare for professionals, moving a battalion or, for me, getting ready for a sea test was a long involved process, and that was dealing with professionals who do that for a living.

But these people are getting food and water regularly, almost like runners in a race. They walk by tables and are handed a sandwich and a bottle of liquid in the videos I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some pretty sophisticated tents that ‘seem’ to be travelling with them. They are covering 25 miles a day? Really? That’s a pretty good pace for a ‘fit, healthy’ individual. The average person ‘might’ make 20 miles a day, but I don’t see them doing that day after day.

I don’t see the poor villages/cities along their route doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, or even being able to afford it! Going cheap, let’s say a dollar for a sandwich and water, that’s still $7-10000/meal a day, or $21-30000/day total, and they are going to keep that up from 2-3 months?

Why is none of the MSM asking these basic questions???

On Khashoggi’s death….

Who cares? This is business as usual for the Middle East, he’s not an American, he was here on a green card, and his backstory is rather sketchy… Good luck trying to find out who his father was… And he’s supposedly the ‘nephew’ or Adnan  Khashoggi, who made his fortune as a gun runner.

Remember, life is cheap over there, you can get somebody killed for $100 or less, depending on where you are. And Erdoğan’s hands are not clean, nor are most of the Middle Eastern leaders. All of them routinely throw political opponents/journalists in jail and/or prison, or kill them, when they piss off the powers that be.

I ‘think’ the ONLY reason this is getting the push that it is, is because he was supposedly a ‘journalist’, (apparently he was a ‘stringer’ for the WAPO, which means he wasn’t actually on staff, just sold them the occasional article), which has the MSM upset that ‘one of their own’ got offed, which kinda puts them on notice, if you will…

I know this may piss some folks off, but I’ve spent time in that part of the world, and it’s, IMHO, a realistic appraisal of what probably happened. YMMV


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  1. “Who is paying for their food, water, medications, and busses?”

    I’ve seen a lot of speculation that Venezuela is up in this to its eyeballs. Given its economic woes, though, it seems likely to only be a proximate source of funding, rather than the ultimate source, so perhaps America’s more distant foes could be chipping in. I wouldn’t be surprised by support from some of America’s domestic enemies, such as George Soros, either.

    “Why is none of the MSM asking these basic questions???”

    Come on, OldNFO, do you really have to ask that question? The media isn’t asking questions because its main goal is to support the globalist progressive left and attack its opponents. Nothing that supports a narrative compatible with that goal is going to receive enthusiastic attention from the media.

  2. The biggest problem I see with Mr. Khashoggi’s demise is that the Saudis did it in their embassy providing no plausible deniability, and putting the US in an embarrassing position. If he’d just disappeared off the streets no one would give a rip.

  3. kashogi was bin ladens info minister, later muslim brotherhoods propaganda chief. bin laden loved him like a brother and he was the first one called when bin laden formed al q. he mainly “reported” for al jazera. its not about kashogi its about turkey/Saudi animosity, anti-Israel factions, and anti trump factions in Congress. anytime both sides agree on something much less are “outraged”, we’re getting screwed and they’re making money. always.

  4. Khashoggi is an example. Whether he was brutally murdered, or not, he was removed to show others that want to meddle in the politics of a very rich nation they play with fire.

    There’s lots of money for the caravan, but the resources will eventually be rerouted for more lucrative pursuits, as they move further north. I doubt the cartels want so many to use, since the large volume removes their ability to control. They’ll control the volume, and those not needed will disappear. After the election, even the liberal media will ignore the devastation they helped support.

  5. On the convoy A few low level passes by FA-18S F-15S AND F-16S at Mach one plus at 100 feet above ground level. If they do not get the message then Napalm a simultaneous pass on all four sides. To seal them in then use Fuel air explosives on the enclosed ‘Migrants” This would cause minimal structural damage and maximum causalities.

    As Far as Khashoggi goes who gives a rats ass he was not an American Citizen and he was associated with Bin Laden so as far as I am concerned he was a terrorist or a Terrorist sympathizer. Who knows what he was up to in Saudi Arabia?????

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    As far as the”Invasion” goes….to me that is what it is, Venezuela ain’t funding it, they pay be the pipeline for the money so Maderos and his cronies can “dip their beak”, and stick it to the USA at the same time. I think the cartel is helping this along…wonder how many drug mules are in that convoy. How to stop it, Well my suggestion of several cells of B-52’s followed by A-10 with napalm and finally AC-130’s was met with horror. We gotta figure out how to stop it or we will no longer be a nation anymore.
    As far as the “Journalist” goes…word on the street was that he was a schill for the rabid islamist movement, one of the few journalist that had nothing to fear from the Erdogon government, The Saudi’s have a large section of their population that subscribe to the same movement, the Wahhabi sect of islam and as I understand it, the king and his family definitely are not fans. And since Turkey and Saudi Arabia are on opposite sides of the fence, the “journalist” was a pawn that got whacked.

  7. Saudis killed one of their own on their own property, no where near the US. En Shalla baby!

  8. JL,
    My thought on the “caravan” is, let them keep coming thru the remnants of Hurricane Willa, then, when they are one day from the boarder, man it with troops to support ICE/Border Patrol and announce that we have reached our quota of political asylum seekers for the year. We recommend you come back in January. That makes them Mexico’s problem on their visitors visas….If we can hold the line!
    Please ask Lawdog to resume blogging, I miss his dry humor.

  9. i’ve been asking those very same questions. IMO soros it behind this, there has to be some organization and he is the one that comes to mind at every turn

  10. Since Mohammed bin Salman took over in Saudi Arabia he’s been purging people who are obstacles to his new agenda which includes at least short term cooperation with Israel against Iran. That puts the Saudis openly against Erdogan, who has his own ambitions, against the Muslim Brotherhood, and against al Qaeda, which reportedly has two senior leaders in Iran working with the mullah – and which has long had heavy support from some Saudia royals. See “purge” above.

    Khashoggi was a critic of the regime, promoted “democracy” in the sense that he (as does the Post) favors the Brotherhood’s strategy which was seen in Egypt’s elections, hated the new direction the Saudis have taken, had long standing ties with al Qaeda and was about to settle in Turkey. Not a surprise he got disappeared, but MbS’s stooges did it in a very clumsy manner and his disappearance gave the Post a stick to hit Trump with.

  11. The last convoy that came was funded by Soros; I would not be surprised if he was involved in this one too.
    I noticed lots of nice vehicles and smiling well dressed people in the pictures; as you say, there is LOTS of money involved in it. Do you think the real idea is to break open the border, or are they all patsies that the sponsor expects to get arrested so that their arrest and tribulations can get coverage to be used against Trump? These kind of numbers would require temporary facilities in the desert which could easily be made to look bad in news coverage.

  12. 25 miles per day seems to me to be a fast pace for a healthy, in shape human. That’s about 8 hours of walking. These people seem to be anything but. Some are women carrying children. Today the news said that the goal was 42 miles. Any why aren’t they having foot problems? They are in flip flops, not hiking boots. As they always say, Follow da money.

    Oh yeah, Fox reported that about 80% seem to be single males under the age of 30. And we are to think that they are economic refugees??????

  13. And they are doing it in flip flops too? They are getting rides..dropped off..getting rides…dropped off.

    Have you ever walked a distance in flip flops?

    • Nope. I never wear shoes I can’t run in.

      Would not surprise me at all if Venezuela is laundering the money from Cuba, Soros or his fellow travelers, possibly China and maybe Iran (see: Venezuela). Then giving it to “NGOs” to use.

  14. Iran could be funding the Honduran Expeditionary Force.

    In my mind, the real question is protest, military invasion, or show of power to influence the election?

    As for Khashoggi, journalists are adversaries, and the Saudis took care of one we aren’t obligated to fuss about. Not a US national, not done on US territory, so he had it coming to him.

    That said, the Saudis are not our friends, and we can’t be sure this isn’t the action of a regime hostile to us. Perhaps we should glass Saudi, Iran, and Turkey, just to be sure.

  15. I like the caravan. It puts the whole “open border/abolish ICE” situation in context. It graphically demonstrates the need for a wall/barrier that works.

    It’s funded by the same people who pay inner city people to protest at President Trump’s rallies. They are people to whom $5 million is like you or I buying a burger at Hodads.

  16. While the demonrats are certainly involved in this the source of the $$$ is one or more of the many NGO’s funded by Nazi George Soros. If Soros,his son and his closest associates were to have a “tragic accident” an ENORMOUS amount of the pot stirring by the commie left would cease almost instantly.

  17. They get off the trucks for the photo-op and food, then are stacked back on the trucks. Roads are bad and there aren’t enough vehicles to carry them at once, so 25-50 miles is it. These folks aren’t going 5 miles on their own, let alone 25.

    • Be such a shame if all those truck and bus engines just happened to get taken out by a couple hundred pounds of precision guided concrete.

  18. All- Thanks for the comments/perspectives. Can’t disagree. RC- Will do!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  19. Bob beat me to the punch, There’s a literal invasion headed this way? Are the AC 130s not available? What about A-10s? (I’ve worked with those, they’re fucking scary at ground attack)

    One or two gun runs and we’ll never have this problem again.

    And I know exactly how horrific the result will be and I’m fine with it. One of the few things the Feds are supposed to do is secure the border. Fucking do it.

  20. I’m inclined to agree with LL.

    The, ahem, Caravan seems to be funded by the same geniuses who think sending random pipe bombs to Democrats is going to boost the vaunted Blue Wave. Of course they’ve got so much cash that maybe this is a whimsical afterthought on the way to Epstein’s island.

    I’m hoping that backfires.