Anybody else notice this???

How did a package get ‘mailed’ without the stamps being cancelled???

I’m now wondering if this was the ‘October Surprise’ the dems were talking about. I note that the media is hard over on blaming the President for these ‘bombs’, yet there isn’t really any information yet…

Which makes me wonder even more if ye olde false flag is yet again in play???

What better way to pump up their numbers than to cry poor me, I’m being threatened, but I’m standing ‘strong’ for you!

And yes, WHOMEVER did this should be put under the prison for a long, long time! Unconscionable does not begin to describe this, since the only ones that potentially would have gotten hurt are the ‘little people’ that work in the mail rooms/sorting facilities…

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  1. The New York central post office has a bomb sniffer built into the automation…

    And of course, John Brennan doesn’t even work for CNN. So the package wouldn’t get delivered to anyone in the office.

    • So do many of the large mailrooms in the buildings. All a legacy of The Weathermen and their ilk.

  2. I read this morning that these have the hallmarks of fake. One of them had an “isis” flag that contains the words “Get er done” and has those trucker babe silhouettes on it. I smell a rat…

  3. I have believed these are false flags. These look like training devices from the TSA (Prior to the TSA I used to work for a company that did airport security). Why a big honking digital clock attached to the outside of the “bomb”? two separate wires one on each end of the “bomb” to me does not make sense? If it is black powder it needs a spark why telegraph the spark by using the clock? You could find information on how to build a more effective bomb out of any Army field manual. Or go on the net. Clock boy built a better bomb facsimile than this joker.

  4. Fox News mentioned this morning that the bombs were “hand-delivered”. If so, then why put postage on them? This whole thing stinks of fake.

    • Hand delivered in two days all across the country. My, the Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight has been a busy boy, hasn’t he?

      And Robert DeNiro claims he got one. #BombMeToo

  5. Yep, fake. The digital clock is a design that doesn’t even have an alarm, the wiring is wrong, etc. This is as convincing as a package of road flares taped to an old analog clock.

  6. This has to be a liberal plot. Who else would expect the Klinton’s, Obama’s, etc, would just open their door, see a package and bring it in the house? Who could get by the walls and gates and guards? But I agree, for all the time and effort being wasted on this, the culprit needs to be sent so far back in prison that his food needs to be delivered by UPS… if it could get by the gate keepers.

  7. Seems like a Dem plot to try to implicate Repubs as the culprits.

  8. If anyone was really serious about taking out any of these people they would do it at long range with surgical precision. All research would be off grid. They would not talk to anyone about it and finding them would be very very hard.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a Demo-rat ploy. False Flag by some party operatives just for the media airplay.

  9. If it’s a false flag, it won’t be tied back to any lib org or shaker/mover like Soros or Steyr, or even Clinton and company.
    So they have lots of deniability and it will blow by, not back.
    After all, they control the press while never pulling a string.

  10. All- Thanks for the comments. Yep, they ‘are’ analogous to the old three sticks and an alarm clock.

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  11. I understand that one of these pictures of the ‘devices’, showing the stamps, in fact does have canceled stamps. Apparently there is a new partly implemented method of canceling stamps. I recall mention of dots, and I can see some little orange circles on the stamps.

    As a serious effort to assassinate all those people, it stinks. It smells like fakery to me. Why send so many devices without any going off if they are seriously intended to go off? The more things you send, the more likely they will be traced back to you.

    Sending a bunch of duds is stupider than sending a bunch of fakes, or making fewer bombs that actually do something. Of course, all these are very stupid things to do.

    We have so many gormless kids these days, a bunch of duds isn’t impossible. Not like the nutjob political bombers when I was a kid. We were ten feet tall, and walked uphill both ways. Not like these degenerate days. I guess the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

  12. It’s not nearly as impressive as Clock Boy’s work was.

  13. All- Appreciate the comments. Bob, I asked my post office about that today, they’ve never seen a ‘blank’ cancellation.

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  14. How did they get so lucky as to get a soft envelope containing a non-flat item through the postal service without serious damage?? Every time I try to mail a non-flat item in one of those it arrives beat to hell and half the time the envelope is torn to bits because the postal service insists on trying to run those through the letter machines. Plus the Postal service slaps extra stickers for barcodes on everything so that they can try to automate the routing, and these don’t have ANY of that.

    • Heck, even flat items get mangled. I once resorted to sending someone a comic book or two.. sandwiched between a couple dollar store cookie sheets so the DO NOT BEND had a chance of being obeyed. He had history of items that read DO NOT BEND to him, but to someone evidently it read FOLD THIS NOW.

  15. If investigators discover the source was a leftist, the story will die a sudden death in the media, just as the Las Vegas attack did. Democrats have shown by their repeated actions that sanity is not a strong suit for any of them. And ethics is a word they have never heard of

  16. Allegedly, they have found someone and arrested them.

    Allegedly, the Florida man (originally from New York) had a van with a bunch of anti-left political stickers/imagery on it. Apparently either freshly applied, or a custom fade resistant paint job.

    I think it pretty clear that this was a nutjob, who wasn’t serious about causing damage, who planned on getting caught, and had crazy ideas about what he would accomplish. Apparently in his fifties, so old enough to have been impressed by the bombings back in the day, and young enough not to have noticed that the bombers were mostly ineffective crazy people.

    PR release scheduled for this afternoon.

  17. I have a question the Florida Cops Must be incompetent here is the excerpt from the Florida law about having covered windows on motor vehicles Quote No person shall drive any vehicle with a sign, poster, sticker, or other non-transparent material upon or adjacent to the front windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which shall obstruct the driver’s clear view of the road, unless such material is required by law. End Quote Why was this guy allowed to drive the van around???????