Food and friends…

Our little group gets together on a regular basis for food…

Tonight was my turn to cook, and there had been a back and forth about Tortillas. Now I’d done Miggie’s recipe earlier, and since Peter didn’t remember trying it, I decided to do it again.

Now I’m cooking for six, so it’s barely going to be enough… Even with adding two more eggs, and some ‘extra’ on the other ingredients…

So I reached out to Miggy, “WTH do I serve WITH the Tortilla?” Or words to that effect…

So we ended up with fruit, cheese, and biscuits! 🙂 And pie for dessert!

And everyone, including Peter, was very happy with the meal, but it was a close thing, there were NO leftovers… It barely served six. Sigh…

Which takes it off the list if it’s more than our little group, unless I feed ’em in shifts!

Thanks Miggy!


Food and friends… — 7 Comments

  1. That looks good! To cook for a larger crowd or hungrier one you either use a larger skillet set(geometry and all) or the one I would use is double the amount of ‘filling’ that is cooked at one time and placed on the side to rest while beating the eggs for the first tortilla. Since it only takes a total of 6 minutes to cook, put the first one in a warmed oven while you cook the second one.

    And where did you get Spanish chorizo, cause the usual Mexican stuff is gross?

  2. You never told me it was for 6 people! Dear God, that is two tortillas stuffed with everything! LOL

    I am gonna make a video with mom next time we make one. Be advised, she does not do exact measurements but Mod one Mark Zero Eyeballing.

  3. Judy/Miguel- That’s the option if I get anymore folks showing up… sigh

    Wing- Thanks! 🙂

    Ed- Thank you, I try! 😀