I’d LOVE to see this bunch of POS try this in Texas…

The gang, from Direct Action Everywhere, flashed anti-meat eating signs with “It’s not food, it’s violence” emblazoned on them and barked out a speech at the Touro Steakhouse in Brighton.

Full article and video, HERE from the Sun.

They were laughed out of the restaurant there, and I think their… ah… reception would have been a tad different here.

Once again, a gun free zone, so they know they won’t actually suffer any ‘real’ consequences, and will get their 15 seconds of fame…

And the number of Camp Fire dead continues to climb. Now 79 people. Interesting article from NPR, HERE. According to it, the ‘reason’ is still unknown…

Ramirez pretty much nails it, as usual!

But you notice how ‘quickly’ it’s fallen out of the MSM? And a total lack of coverage of the cluster of people trying to file for benefits and being denied…



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  1. Someone made the comment that it was interesting that structures were completely burned to the ground, but trees were still left standing. I guess building with incombustible materials has fallen out of vogue . . .

    • Pine trees are designed/evolved to flash-burn (surface and dead stuff) and survive. So the areas where the proper pine forests were, well spaced trees and all, the trees survived, scorched, but mostly alive. We’ll see in a year what the true extent of the damage is.

      Now the thing that will blow your mind is a pine forest will act as a hive intelligence, and will savagely sacrifice weak trees to fires, bugs and such. Totally twisted, but true.

      As to the houses, yes, if they had mandated fireproof exteriors AND kept flammable groundcover (pinestraw and small bushes and such) away from their houses, more houses would have survived.

      And to add the totally twisted part, California has been going after people for years and years for doing basically just that. It has long been a no-no, according to the State and the enviroweenies, to remove flammable plant material from around one’s house because of endangered rats or mice or moles or worms or birds that eat the rats or mice or moles or worms or Bigfoot, space aliens, bigfoot space aliens or whatever.

      California is reaping 30+ years of complete stupidity and ignorance of Nature, in pursuit of their twisted vision of what nature is supposed to be.

      I feel bad for the actual victims, the people that couldn’t move out because they were trapped economically, or those who fought the stupidity but still paid for it in lost property or lives, but for all the Gaia-loving envirohumpers and Not-In-My-Backyarders? Some sympathy, maybe, but for the most part a resounding “Meh” is heard from this one.

  2. FEMA is steadfast in denying claims, when the area devastated is considered unsafe for habitation. We see it often in my part of the world, where people build in flood zones, refuse to either build higher after a flood, or refuse to buy very expensive flood insurance. They find their unwillingness to play the game leads to financial disaster, and their only possible solution is an SBA loan, which can lead to 30 years of payments. That’s a sobering reality to someone in their 40’s or 50’s.

    Even if FEMA does pay, the money will not cover the loss.

  3. 1)Word was the Camp Fire started with an actual campfire that got away from folks. On a day with 35mph winds in a tinder-dry forest, and condition red for fire hazard, any fire would have been streng verbotten. So this “campfire was either methhead homeless people, or illegals, camping in the woods.
    2) There is also RUMORINT that PG&E, yet again, may have caused another point of outbreak, by not cutting the power in lines subject to high winds and tree falls. The totally (D)-controlled legislature is moving with lightning speed to shield them completely from any civil liability, before all the bodies have even been found, a move that pretty much guarantees that PG&E shares some of the fault for the fire.
    3) Last I looked, there are hundreds of people still missing, and probably nothing but washed-away ashes at this point. We’ll probably never know how many died, but estimates of several hundred would be fairly conservative at this point. That would make it one of the state’s deadliest disasters, after the Frisco Quake of 1906, and the St. Francis Dam Disaster of 1928. This fire may even have moved to #2.
    4) Moonbeam’s jelly-fisted fingerprints of tree-hugging ruinous forest mismanagement, including single-handedly vetoing a bill that was approved XX-0 in both state houses to clear underbrush from the forests, will be the only enduring legacy of his second disastrous tenure as governor here, and finally last such. I thought I’d voted the sumbitch out for good in 1978, but like Shrillary and herpes, it seems he never goes away.
    If there was any cosmic justice, someone, even a lightning strike, would set him on fire as he leaves. At least if that happened, it would demonstrate that no one here would even piss on him to put him out. Probably won’t happen, but I live in hope.

    • 1. Campfire may have been undocumented workers doing the job Americans won’t by tending unlicensed marijuana farms.
      2. No fan of PG&E, but I suspect that in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Cali, if PG&E shutoff power to the at-risk lines, the Peoples Commissar for Electricity would fine them for depriving their customers of a needed service.

    • Aesop, the ‘customers’ and ‘environmentalists’ fought PG&E tooth-and-nail for 30 years over clearing the transmission lines. The arseholes even planted ‘their’ trees under power lines.

      So, when high winds occurred, the lines danced and sparked, as they do everywhere there’s high winds and dust (or airborne salt spray) and ‘POOF’ instafire.

      Sensible utilities use transmission lines as firebreaks, but PG&E wasn’t even able to clear cut the transmission lines.

      So, no, PG&E wasn’t at fault. This was directly the fault of the consumers and enviroweenies. They warned people, for years, that this would happen, but nobody listened, and nobody acted as an adult.

      PG&E may be the biggest collection of festering buttholes ever collected, but in this case, they were right, and are being maligned for what happened that they said would happen for years and years.

  4. FEMA is broke. They were let off leash to throw money around the gulf coast. A cousin of mine received a FEMA trailer over their own protests because their home was perfectly habitable. Ended up using it as guest space since they couldn’t get FEMA to take it back. There story isn’t unique by any stretch. Now due to gross mismanagement, there’s not enough money left to actually do what they need to do in California. Denials generate sad stories which in turn push budgetary changes. Meanwhile, real people can’t get the help they need in a timely fashion.
    And I don’t have enough time to get into the outrageously terrible financial and resource management decisions of the state of California.

  5. Anon- Trees are amazingly resistant, and some, like Jack Pines actually NEED fire to ‘pop’ their pine cones. Re the structures, it’s a cost issue in a depressed area. $200,000 get you something that is a $50,000 home in flyover country.

    Jess- Good points!

    Aesop- Couldn’t agree more! Grrr…

    Jenn- Understood/agreed. There are apparently NO ‘approved’ trailers available, gotta meet ‘stringent’ Cali approval process for ‘cancer causing agents’…

  6. Great let’s shoot people instead of laughing at them….a much better outcome!

  7. It got news when they tried to blame it on climate change and Trump.

    After it was explained that the extent of the disaster it was mainly due to lousy forest management due to policy and regulation pushed by the greenies at both the state and federal levels they got real quiet right quick.

    • Hahaha. Let’s all rake the forest floors like they do in Finland!

  8. Why would the residents of Butte County in general, and Concow and Paradise in particular, deserve ANY aid? Butte Co. is whiter than California in general, is represented by a Republican in Congress, and voted 57% to ban same-sex marriages (Prop 8). Paradise was WAY whiter, and WAY more English-speaking than ROC (rest of California).

    In this brave new world of ours, Victimhood is the only measure of merit, and English-speaking whites with traditional values are NEVER victims, especially when they actually ARE victims, if you take my meaning. Sacred victimhood is determined by your tribal affiliation, skin tone, tendency toward deviancy, inability to communicate using standard American English, tendency toward criminality, and other such characteristics. People who burn down their own neighborhoods are victims. People who have their community burnt down through no fault of their own are NOT victims.

    DO try to keep up.

  9. Texas? I’d like to see the protestors try it at the Brazilian Meat Faucet during LibertyCon.

  10. Direct Action/Antifa et al. They think they’re going to start a revolution like in Russia ’17 or Spain ’36. Everyone will rise up, overthrow the Man and the liberated masses can all eat… tofu.

    I used to go to their special secret meetings years ago and sometimes I’d ask,”How many of you can actually shoot a gun, you know, when we seize power?” Embarrassed silence. “Well, shouldn’t you be thinking about that?”

    Of course they didn’t know I was in the army at the time.

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    Well dang, your commenters beat me to all the salient points…Good post btw