Connectivity problems with all the weather/wind.

You get pics instead.

Weather building…

Literally one minute later… NOT good…

And I ‘knew’ I should have closed the garage door… Garage is now full of leaves from ~40kt gusts that blew through.

Not a drop of rain… sigh…

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    • That sounds like fun! Did you enjoy the training?

      • It’s a whole 2 hour online course.
        I’m leery of online training these days, between FEMA and The Salt Mines, but this was not bad at all. They have a good catalog of examples of the various cloud formations to watch for, and you can sign up to get “refresher” emails.
        I’ll probably repeat the class if I have a chance to attend one in person.

        Little did I realize that today is Amateur Radio Skywarn Recognition Day. Unfortunately, I’m not equipped to call any non-local National Weather Service stations, ans Seattle does not seem to be on the air…

        • Cool! I’ve always been a bit of a weather nut. I suppose that comes from growing up in Texas. We had a house on a hill with a deep front porch. It was neat to sit out there and watch the storms roll in.

  1. West Texas weather. I’ve seen it do almost everything it can in one day. Thunder and rain to sleet to snow, with a howling wind, blowing dust, from 80 to 30 in just a couple hours…. Barb wire doesn’t hinder the winder.

  2. 40 kiloton wind? Wow! That Texas weather packs a punch! We got storms from the same system, but nothing I’d call nuclear…Lol. Glad you came thru undamaged.

  3. In Roswell I once saw nearly a 100 degree swing in less than 24 hours. Upper 70,s to 20 Below. Wind, we had wind “up the ying-yang”. Regularly. The frigging dust was the worst !!!

  4. LL- True! 🙂

    Drang- Thanks for stepping up! Good program

    STx- Yep, a degree a minute drop isn’t unusual… and no, that barbed wire fence with one strand down in Montana ain’t worth a damn at stopping the wind! LOL

    RC- Knots… sigh… 🙂 And not a drop of rain!

    OldW- Yep, dust gets in places you didn’t know it COULD get in… sigh

    Miguel- Point… 🙂

  5. You may already know this, but a leaf blower does a fine job of pushing those leaves back out of the garage.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    Weather training is a good skill to have…and the perks of living in a rural area. BTW it looks like you forgot to close the garage door…..Just sayin

  7. We got five drops and a spitter. Fortunately after the parade with the illuminated floats was over. With the wind before, of course. The rest of the leaves decided it would be a good time to drop, except for that one. You know, the one that waits, and waits, until you give up, mulch the rest in, and put the rake and mower away for the season.

    Now the weather guessers are sayin’ nasty wet cold for Friday. Guess who has kettle duty on Friday, standin’ outside and ringing a bell for an hour or two? It never fails…

  8. Roy- So does 75 psi air! 🙂

    Bob- Shaddap… LOL

    TXRed- Ouch… And you can come get your leaves ANY time you want to… sigh

  9. Ed- LOL, I should have taken a pic of the back wall. And I’d JUST cleaned the last batch out on Wednesday… sigh

  10. My wife went out one day a couple of weeks ago, and since it was nice, she left the garage door open.

    I went out about 20 minutes later, and had a garage full of leaves….

  11. At least there isn’t any white “stuff”.
    We have plenty extra here in the U.P. if you want some.