I really DO miss doing this. Many thousands of hours on that bird, and this is actually one of my old squadrons, long after I left.

‘We’ never had media onboard, nor did we want them there… LOL

Of course this is an ‘unclassified’ flight, so basically a ‘lot’ of stuff is being left out of the brief, equipment is being left off, etc… It’s only about six minutes long, out of NAS JAX.

Also, we didn’t usually have the ‘luxury’ of catching a boat on the surface… Usually we were hauling ass to keep from being seen if we thought one was coming up!


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  1. Youth is wasted on the young, Old NFO. I miss the old days too.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I miss the stuff that I did in my youth, but I guess that is the curse of the youth, not realizing what you were experiencing would be missed when we got older.

    • …that’s because when we get older we only remember the good stuff. We tend to forget those boring or tedious things we did between those few interesting things we did.

  3. When did the Navy start using high school JNROTC to fly those missions? They look so young. Like LL said, youth is wasted on the young.

  4. “Humpf. Back in the day we held it all together with baling wire, and Senior Chief made his own wire by biting an I-beam and stretching it out just right …” 🙂

    Agree with the sentiments. They look way too young, but I found some pictures of us at the same age. Sigh. Good things to remeber, and others just need a beer to hide them.
    Good stuff and bad/emergency modes, and all the flights put too many hours on the clock. Aged the skin, and turned my hair gray and white too soon. I know where and how we helped, enough said. Their turn, now.

  5. All- Thanks! And yes, we were MUCH younger… Roy, I remember the aw shit moments too..LOL PK- Point!

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