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Occasional Cortex is at it again, even before she gets sworn in, HERE.

And what about all those wymen on the left who have those homophobic tweets, etc? They like bringing up stuff that men/boys have done, and scream and yell, but where is the pushback? One pusher is Nick Cannon, who calls them out, HERE

 And this one is really interesting… Huawai CFO is arrested, the company says nothing, but the Chinese GOVERNMENT is protesting mightily, HERE. If anybody believes large Chinese companies are ‘really’ private companies, you need to read a little more. Huawai is an arm of the Chinese Government, and probably ‘well’ connected to their intel collection services. It IS a good bet they violated the Iran sanctions by playing a shell game with company assets/products, but it’s the long game China always has played. Personally, I think they are more afraid of what ELSE she may be asked about, and that’s why the push to keep her out of US hands.

Paris was burning again, and the yellow vest rebellion is apparently growing rather than subsiding, with others now piling on to the protests, HERE

And the Ebola outbreak in Africa, which is getting almost no coverage here, is about to blow up, it’s now in a city of 1,000,000 people, and less than 500,000 doses available anywhere. It’s complicated by the ongoing local wars endemic to Central Africa, HERE.  

And lastly, the Dems fascination/dreams of getting Trump out of the White House by any means possible. There is no longer any pretense of civility, bi-partisanship, or much of anything else. Don’t they realize even if they accomplish this, Hillary STILL won’t be president? And I really wonder if they have any clue about the response this will generate in the general population/flyover country? Article, HERE, one of many. The other thing I really don’t understand about the whole Mueller investigation is how they have continuously turned a blind eye to what the Dems did, not just Hillary, but the Obama administration… Sigh…


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  1. It’s obvious the demonrats don’t care about the “response” they might see from booting Trump from office by any means
    fair or foul. And based on what the “left” has done in response to the never ending criminality and abuse of power the dems engage in basically 24/7/365 I’d say they have no need to worry about the “response”. In all honesty we should have hung several hundred of these traitors already….by vigilante means if necessary. But the “bread and circuses” mentality that afflicts virtually EVERYONE in America keeps anyone from actually doing anything meaningful about the state of government we are stuck with other than to bitch about it occasionally.

    • Dan, there are thousands, if not millions, of conservative-leaning persons ready and willing to get this show started. Many (most?) see any delay as dire because the longer we wait the more entrenched the commies. But we do not see action. Why?

      My answer is because everyone is waiting for someone else to go first. No one wants their actions ( likely resulting in death or long term incarceration) to be in vain. It seems that everyone is waiting for the GO button to be pushed. But there is no one at the board.

      Too, we all know that the internet is being spied on, that every post like yours or mine puts us on another watch list. Is it too far-fetched to expect a visit from gov henchmen because of such postings? So people watch their words, careful not to post their true feelings. The result is the word is not getting out, people are not organizing themselves (at least, to a very significant level) which means that individuals continue to sit and grind their teeth waiting for the bell to ring.

      My testing of that hypothesis involved my attempt to get the ball rolling. “Who has my back?”, I asked. None was the reply. It is quite probable that some of the altercations we hear or read about are already such attempts.

      We rely on the heat of the left as indicator of when we should strike; that ‘they’ have not yet brought it to a boil. Rather, we should use our own resolve to make that determination.

      Absolutely yes, we should have already hung the traitors by the dozen dozens and in a very visible way (rope and lamp posts are not in a short supply)

      My suggestion is a broadcast of intent sent to only a few trusted news outlets/blogs immediately prior to medium-scale action which targets people, not property. This is to combat the false narrative which will immediately follow. Comms can then run with the ball. What that action should be ranges from resolute warning, detainment, kidnapping, or other as warranted.

  2. If you want to see how the protests are affecting Paris in real time, go to Google Maps for Paris and activate the traffic function. It will show you the closed roads and closed subway stations.

  3. The answer to ‘The other thing I really don’t understand about the whole Mueller investigation is how they have continuously turned a blind eye to what the Dems did, not just Hillary, but the Obama administration’ is direct from Animal Farm – ‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others’.

  4. To expand on what BadFrog posted, the blind eye is because there are no secrets at the high levels in deecee, and if she were to be charged with 18 US Code, some members of congress would also be charged and that is rather unlikely to occur. /sarc

  5. Ocasio-Cortez. My heart is warmed by the idea of Pelosi and the entrenched House Dems dealing with her on an daily basis. Also on their plate will be 16 or so new members who are “new generation” veterans. They may not be in the “go along get along” mentality.

  6. Democrats oppose every effort to reduce vote fraud, from requiring photo IDs to vote, purging voter registration lists to remove the dead, the absent, and the illegal all the time saying there is no voter fraud. Yet they loose high profile elections with everything in place to foster voter fraud. Are they really that incompetent (not applicable to Broward County Fla)? Or are the legitimate voters percentage high enough to override the fraudsters best efforts?

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and I can’t disagree… NRW- THAT is a damn good question!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  8. “The other thing I really don’t understand about the whole Mueller investigation is how they have continuously turned a blind eye to what the Dems did, not just Hillary, but the Obama administration… Sigh…”

    That’s easy…it’s because everyone who is doing the investigating, or overseeing the investigation, were in the Obama administration…so of course, nothing THEY did was wrong…climbing off my rant box now…

    Watch that Ebola…now that it is in a big city, the rest of the world is getting into deep stuff. That is not a bug anyone should be playing around with. Furthermore, there is no way in hell that ANY 1st world country, including the USA, is ready to deal with it. Buy your gloves, masks, and isolation gowns now, if this makes it to the US, those 3 items will be scarcer, and way more expensive then AR15’s or .22 ammo ever thought of being!!!

  9. NRW, I am in Texas. I fully believe the closeness of the vote in the Cruz/O’Rourke race was due to the illegal votes. The polls had Cruz ahead in double digits yet the difference in the vote totals was less than 3%. The Democrats were only warming up and honing their fraudulent ways in the 2018 national elections. In 2020 expect them to pull out all of the stops.

    • And those were the same pollsters that were sure that Hillary was 20 points ahead. So if she was ahead and lost, and the pollsters are working against the conservatives, that means the voting fraud had to be huge. Which we all know, has been reported off and on, and is only an issue when a conservative supposedly uses it.

  10. What a great round up!

    And we have to ask, how many more millions will it take to prove that Trump isn’t a Russian spy? Well heck, we’re 20 trillion and climbing in debt so who cares.

    But what do I know, I just say Mass and paint porch swings.

  11. The Chinks are calling Canada’s treatment of that Huawai CFO ”

    Inhumane? In Canada? LOL, they’ve got some serious projection issues.