Oh my aching…


An hour of this, then an hour of more ‘sedate’ driving through Napa Valley…

All that so that PP and I could watch my grandson play basketball for Sierra JC, so another hour and a half sitting on hard wood bleachers!

He started as a freshman, scored 18 points, got 2 blocks, 1 steal, and 6 or 8 assists. I didn’t count the rebounds… LOL

And this one is a breakaway. He is #5 in Black

One of his ‘stutter’ shots… 🙂 He is #5 in Black

Then it was 2 hours back up to the house, and I did a lot of standing up… LOL


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  1. I drove a similar road north of Silverton Colorado once. I guess it was similar but since the dense fog wouldn’t let me see further than about 20 feet in front of the truck… Looks like your grandson’s doing well in his hoops. An athletic scholarship is a good way to get an education. I wish more of some kids would view it that way rather than simply a gateway to the NBA.

  2. Psalm 112:2-4 Living Bible (TLB)
    2 His children shall be honored everywhere, for good men’s sons have a special heritage. 3 He himself shall be wealthy, and his good deeds will never be forgotten. 4 When darkness overtakes him, light will come bursting in. He is kind and merciful—

  3. Well, at least there was no snow, or deer jumping out in front on the drive up hill!!

    So, did your grandson’s team win? He certainly is a solid contributor to the effort!

  4. Jim- He’s carrying a 3.2 average, pretty happy with that.

    Ed- Thanks!

    Suz- They were down 10 at the half, came back and won by 8. And I’ve driven that road in the snow ONCE! Never again. 2 1/2 hours to go 40 miles, and another 2 hours to get the seat cushion out of my ass.

  5. Just a taste of what grandparents do to be part of the grands life. It is worth it and they will remember, too. You drive remind me of the Road to Hana. I love it, I love driving those kind of roads.

  6. I am a Sierra JC alum. My compliments to your grandson.

    I lived in the dorm. I worked out a deal with one of my professors, exchanging part time ranch work for pasturing my horse, literally across the street from the school parking lot–south side of Rocklin Road, at the corner Rocklin Road and Sierra College Blvd.

    I was there when this ammo train blew up at the Roseville rail yard.


    What the article doesn’t mention is that on the adjacent track to the ammo train were tank cars full of LNG. Yeah, we heard those cook off–see the photo.

    I think I recognize that stretch of road. At the end of the trip, a guy will sign just about anything not to do it again.

    • They found some unexploded ordnance about 20 years ago in the train yard in Roseville. (I used to live in the area.) Some of it was exploded on site, but the bang was bigger than they expected. I felt the shock wave 2.5 miles away!

  7. RHT- I’ll happily pass them along! I remember that explosion because I was at NAS Moffett Field and those MK-82s were supposed to go to Moffett… My daughter has to do this road routinely, as does her husband, who works for Coke. Neither cares for it…

  8. You were in my neck of the woods. I am currently commuting from Cobb Mountain to Mill Valley two days a week. Imagine that drive, plus an hour and a half of freeway. I usually need a large adult beverage by the time I get home.

    Just to let you know, i am currently on my third read of your newest book. I might need a few more before I am ready to review. I do know that I am awaiting the next book with baited breath. Loved it.

  9. Denise- Thank you! And I’ll say a prayer for you, that is NOT a fun drive to do anytime.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    You done good, the grandson will remember you making the trip and the effort. Such things build good memories.

  11. Wait!
    No Winnebagos?
    And you had passing lanes.
    With Winnebagos you get to crank the whining up to eleventy.

    Whenever I see young people demonstrating feats of speed, strength, or stamina I tell them to enjoy their youth for it is truly fleeting.

    But, “they shall remember, with advantages, their feats this day.”
    That is the province of old men and women who have lived “an interesting life.”

  12. Dang, it’s hard getting older. I know what you are feeling. Christmas trip from North Texas to Eastern Kentucky just completed. Drove straight through to KY on the 21st returned straight through on the 28th. Getting too old for these types of trips.

    But I will say this. Was still better than them coming to us this year. They have a 6 year old we lovingly term “Destructo Boy”

  13. That reminds me of some of the roads I drove in Eastern West Virginia last week – one of them I’ve met Walmart semis coming the other way and has Very tight turns plus a 10% down grade for 3 miles. It is beautiful country but very steep and winding!

  14. That road is typical of back country roads in CA. The passing lane section is a nice touch, as most of our roads lack that. It’s not fun to drive them since the Feds mandated all two lane roads be double striped “for our safety”. As I recall, the accident and fatality rates went UP after they did that. (mumble mumble) do-gooders and their horses…

  15. All- Thanks for the comments! Johnathan, there was one section with an 11% grade!!!

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