Time with family…

Stopped at Mel’s Diner for lunch after the cluster### of a trip out here, and he got a burger in a Camaro basket, which he played with more than eating the burger… LOL

Kaya on the other hand, didn’t even wake up… LOL She didn’t know I was here until about dinner… And she was grumpy because she’d gotten TOO MUCH sleep, sigh.

But a late Christmas has been celebrated, gifts given and received, and now the kids are tearing around the house on their little push scooters, chasing the dogs and being chased by the dogs. And the dogs are chewing my shoelaces, or nipping at my fingers when I try to keep them off the shoes… Sigh…

The dominance games between the pups are interesting too- In the house, Koda seems to be the aggressor, but put them outside and it’s Karl that’s getting her down. I don’t know how this is going to end, but it’ll be interesting… LOL 

And now, I’m off to see my older grandson play basketball.


Time with family… — 9 Comments

  1. Hope your older grandson won his game.
    And that is a very cool burger basket! Who would have guessed he would have been very entertained with that!?
    Must be something in the genes 😉

  2. A burger in a Camaro basket? I think that is just flat out cool!

  3. Yes, can I get a basket like that too? Maybe a Charger instead? Then my wife will yell about playing at the table.

  4. It’s distracting to have a hamburger placed in such a basket (way cool). It’s good to see that you’re putting the holidays to good use with your daughter and grandkids (and the pups).

    I’m afraid that if I was there in the diner, I’d end up playing with the basket too.

  5. Just returned from my daughter’s place in Wichita where I got in some grandpa time as well. The younger girl’s an infant still, but the older girl. a two year old, spent a lot of time on “papa’s” lap. Good times.

  6. Ahh, Grandpaw time….it makes life better. Although it helps that I can go home when they start acting up.
    Good to have family!