More puppies…

Vito’s replacement(s)…

Koda and Karl, Koda is the black one, Karl is the tan one.

And those suckers have some SHARP little puppy teeth!!!

Light posting and commenting, since I’m out with the kids and grandkids for a few days for a delayed Christmas.

‘One’ grand was glad to see me… And one, not so much… Matter of fact, she slept the entire time! LOL



More puppies… — 16 Comments

  1. Awww…big puppy eyes. They are cute. Enjoy your family, sir.
    We will be here when you get back.

  2. We visited friends yesterday and shared some quality time with their three rotties.
    The dogs start by putting their heads in your lap and then you end up with a rather large lapdog.

    The dogs in your photo are waaaay cute.

    If you get a shiny, metal plated collar foe the dark puppy, would it be Koda chrome?

  3. Two puppies = four times the trouble.

    Enjoy the puppy teeth!

  4. Make sure they have plenty of chew toys – fingers are nice and chewy. I used to give the puppy an old washcloth, soaked in water and frozen. The cold would take the swelling down in their gums as they get their adult dental work.

    Hope they don’t need braces…

  5. Oh no! I missed something. What happened to Vito? But the pups are cute and will keep your cardio up, for sure.

  6. Really cute! Now, reminding them to not annoy the big squirrel with the white stripe on its back…

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Man they look really cute….you are in big trouble, LOL
    Enjoy the family…I am doing the same..Posting will be light until the holidays end

  8. PK- LOL, true dat…

    Sam- Yep! I stepped on her tail this morning in the dark.

    Bob- Agreed!