Happy New Year!!!

And I’m off to a good start… sigh…

First post of the year didn’t post! Dammit…

Now go forth and screw up those checks for the next month…

Back to regular posting tomorrow, now that I’m back from Christmas with the kids!

Wishing each of you the best for 2019, may it be a better year for all of us!!!


Happy New Year!!! — 18 Comments

  1. Happy Now Year!!
    Figured that since you were on vacation, blogger took the day off. It’s all good.
    Hope you had a great time with family!

  2. Happy New Year to you as well – well, a slow start never hurt anybody unless you are in a race.

  3. Happy New Year! I’m glad to discover the lack of post yesterday wasn’t because you’d been detained as an Enemy of the People by representatives of the People’s Democratic Republic of California.

  4. All- Thanks, hopefully this year will go better! 🙂 At least I’ve got the screw up out of the way early!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  5. Happy New Year, Jim.

    I’m going to have a year full to the brim with adventure, Dammit!

  6. Happy New Year to you and the Texas Mafia you’re hanging out with!
    And if you’re driving to LTUE, holler before you head out…

  7. Happy New Year to you to! I am having a great New Year already as I got a Kindle for Christmas! First thing I went and did was order the last two Grey Man books, All the Rim World, The two Calexit,( finished the World Shook one and half way thru the next one! I also added a couple of the Peter Grant western ones, and have about 12 to 15 more all bought and lined up. Mostly Sci-fi

    Now you really have to get on the stick and get three or four more episodes to all the genres, ’cause I think I can read these as fast as you can write them!
    Have a good long snooze to recover from the holidays, and then it is turn to time. See Ya, Everett

  8. Here’s to a Wonderful ‘New Year’, thank you for all of the daily entertainment and excellent books.

  9. WN- Flying out. NOT doing that drive in the winter… LOL

    Ev- You can read a LOT faster than I can write… 🙂

    Old Texan- Thank you!

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Happy New Year!!! and I screwed up my first check with the date.