Globull warming…

My ass…

Yesterday morning- 1 inch over night,  after a low of 29.

Five thirty yesterday afternoon- 4-5 inch total, high of 33 and still snowing…

Calling for a tenth of an inch of ice last night to add on top of this mess. And supposedly a high of 50 today. SMDH…


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  1. I’ve been warning about the coming ice age, which may or may not become a reality.


    We haven’t yet had 4″ of snow….

    And I’m in Indiana….

  3. why do you think they had to change it to “climate change”?

  4. . . . living in a winter wonderland . . .

    currently 41 degrees but will warm up to mid 70’s by this afternoon. This down along side the Texas / Mexico border near the mouth of the Rio Grande River (McAllen).

  5. Here in West Oz, it was 22­° Celsius today, or about 72° F.


    This time of year, 42°C+ would not be unusual. That’s 107°F.

    Yet the press are raving how globull warming is a thing because Sydney has had its hottest January day since 1913.

    My response: “So whose SUV caused it to be that hot back then, pal?”

  6. Here in west MI we had 4-5″ in November, and it promptly melted, and hasn’t returned yet. Yea!!!!
    Supposed to be in the 40’s today.
    I heard on the news last night some place in West Tx got 7″!!
    Keep it down south in the snow belt. Please!!!

  7. Here in east Kansas, although it’s currently 31 degrees, we are supposed to have highs in the 50 for about the next week. Normal would be in 30s, though it can go below zero this time of year. It appears global warming is a regional phenomenon.

  8. It’s 5° F. here this morning, with predicted subzero lows for the next few days. I like this better than temps above freezing, this time of year. Sorry y’all got the slop now, though.

  9. Waaall….good thing it’s globull warming, just think of how it might be without all that man-made warming up…. (chuckle).

  10. I feel your pain. Yesterday we had a low of 11 over night. This morning we have a Golbull Warming temp of 26. Expecting snow tomorrow then Monday through Friday.

    The weather people in this area where predicting a cooling trend starting 30 years ago. These people weren’t awarded government (Liberal) grants to prove Globull Warming, so they’ve never been heard from since.

  11. All- Thanks for the comments! Sendarius, there you go with those pesky facts again… LOL WSF- 5.25 inches in the last week… sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. Canadian and the eastern tier of counties got over 6″ of wrap-around yesterday. We got cold. Supposed to warm up, then WHAM back in the deep freeze for later Jan-Mar.

    Globally, once you filter out urban heat island effects, the warmest year in the past 30 was 1998. Things have been cooling since then. Which matches declining solar energy output, and the little volcanic kickers.

    • I have to wonder how many bad conclusions are drawn from data artifacts caused by the heat island effects. Over the holiday my Dad mentioned that back when he’d been taking undergrad meteorology and climatology courses there were concerns about misleading data.

  13. Don’t understand the humbub. I had a low of 65 last night and it’s only 81 today. Oh wait, I live in Hawaii. Sorry. 🙂

  14. TXRed- Exactly! Sorry you didn’t get to build your snowman… LOL

    TOS- A bunch!!!

    James- 😛

  15. New Mexico. Snowed the day after Christmas. 15”. Been “colder ‘n kraut” since. I forget which day since, maybe the 28-29th, 9 more inches. Most of it is still on the ground. Today is the first day above 40 since.. more coming tomorrow supposedly.

  16. I’ve only fired up the Global Warming Blower once, so far, this season. So far.