Once again ‘racism’ rears its ugly head… Or not…

A new city policy requiring public signs on brick buildings warning they might collapse in an earthquake is part of a long history of white supremacy aimed at forcing black people to move out of neighborhoods, the NAACP of Portland, Oregon, says.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Times.

As Stretch said, “Who knew architectural engineering, geology, and basic physics were racists?”

And then there’s this from Boulder, CO…

Boulder’s newly enacted “assault weapons” ban is meeting with stiff resistance from its “gun-toting hippies,” staunch liberals who also happen to be devoted firearms owners.

Only 342 “assault weapons,” or semiautomatic rifles, were certified by Boulder police before the Dec. 31 deadline, meaning there could be thousands of residents in the scenic university town of 107,000 in violation of the sweeping gun-control ordinance.

Soooo… NY, CT, and now Boulder have mass non-compliance with gun ordinances…

This is starting to get interesting… Full article, HERE again from the Washington Times.

And Ramirez nails it, as usual!

Y’all have a good week! I’m busy writing…


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  1. As someone with much greater speaking ability than I have said, “Common sense is the most uncommon of the senses.”

    Knowing that you are spending the day writing makes the morning sun a little brighter, and the world is a better place!

    Yep, a shameless kiss up!

    • John – not claiming great speaking ability (or writing for that matter) but I have been using a shorter version for at least 2 decades: “Common sense isn’t” No copywrite or patent so feel free to use if desired.

  2. And if there were no signage stating the obvious, THAT would be racist, because when (if) an earthquake occurs, more blacks than whites would be killed due to old masonry buildings collapsing in the black neighborhoods.

  3. I’ve heard people in this town say anything written is racist because of the large numbers of illiterate blacks.

    The NAACP was over as a viable social change organization back in the 80’s. It’s just been floundering along as your typical DNC-socialist organization using up any good graces the NAACP actually made before it as a group lost “it.”

    As to widespread insta-felons. Good. Britain tried that and got shot in the face for it (and it’s a good thing that they (Britain) had their hands full with Spain and France, else we’d still be a province.) And, no, I’m not advocating shooting govemployees in the face, yet. There’s still room for discourse. So far.

  4. My Daughter lived in Portland for several years. The frigging town is so liberal that Magazine racks have fishing magazines, but not “hunting & fishing”. Matter of fact, she’s there right now on business. Good eats, but ….well go see for yourself !!

  5. Beans- Good point.

    Old Woody- No thanks. Folks that know me told me to stay out of there!