No wonder everybody is getting the flu…

Four days ago 29 degrees and snow. Yesterday 68 and sunny…

Today it’s back in the 50s and temps continue to drop the rest of the week. Folks are coughing and hacking and trying to figure out what the hell to wear every day. Layers seem to be the best option, if there is one…

Watching the NCAA football championship game last night, I was really disappointed in the announcers, which is just continuing the ‘trend’ if you will, of lousy announcers at all levels. It’s actually nicer to just mute the sound and watch the game in silence anymore, because the announcers all act like ‘they’ are more important than the game on the field. Plus the ‘insightful’ comments they make are usually BS… Especially Collingsworth. He was a so-so player, but his attitude and comments make him sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread… NOT!

I know I’m being grumpy, but after all, I AM a grumpy old man… 🙂


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  1. I think you’re spot on here. Been sliding steadily down hill since Pat Summerall and John Madden. Of course after those two there really was nowhere to go BUT down.

  2. Jim; Enjoy your grump. Revel in it and continue. So you’re sick of stupid and corrupt politicians, ignorant & smarmy talking heads on the idiot box, impolite & unpleasant people at the coffee shop.
    Welcome to the crowd of grumpy old men (and women) that are disgusted and dismayed by the bad manners and poor education of the ‘public’. You are NOT alone.
    All you (we) can do is grump at the miscreants and move on secure in the knowledge that “they” someday will also be grumpy old men grumping at a new crop of unpleasant stupid and corrupt people.

  3. I watched the game but ended up muting the thing and watching YouTube and glancing at the game, since there really was no game. Just Clemson booty spanking AL. I didn’t care who won, I just wanted to see a good game. YouTube was better.

  4. And that’s why I get my flu shot every year. A couple years ago the loving spouse received a hard lesson about that, but so far this year has not been inoculated even though the insurance covers it. I hope she doesn’t come down with it again. The last time was no fun at all.
    If you’re old, what does that make me?

  5. Keith Jackson is also absent. Another gentleman who’s sorely missed. I’m almighty tired of Collinsworth and the logorrhea stream. Harrumpf.

  6. I had the volume down and just watched the game between reading a book. By the start of the 4th Bama be like, dayam what pro team are we playin.

    It wasn’t much of a game by that point but it sure was sweet watching Bama get their butts kicked.

    I have to say every college game I watched this past year severely lacked in commentary quality.

  7. I concur and agree however I have now reached the point where I don’t even bother to watch TV football unless it is a specific team I am interested in and then I record and play back with the mute fast forwarding through commercials trying to end up in real time at the end.

    The talking jabber never ends and seldom informs about an ongoing situation, they like to replay, criticize and argue about a play while they fall several plays behind. Then there is the tall skinny woman on the side who adds the back story about how Jamilx was raised by his two mommies along with six other kids in an oversize packing crate and both women had triple mastectomies and each mom had uni-vision due to losing the sight in one eye and Jamilx is majoring in World Peace Ecology or something. I just want to know if he caught the ball what the down count is and the yardage to go, that’s all I need to know.

  8. Can’t stand Chris Collingsworth! Even when he was playing, swell headed little asswipe!

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    I don’t do the flu shots…I used to but it never failed that I would get the strain that wasn’t in the shot. So I quit doing the shot and since I ain’t around a lot of people due to my job I don’t get really sick.*Knock on wood*. As far as you being old and grumpy….I wasn’t going there…because I DO have respect for my elders and you rank up there 😀 .

  10. Same here. Hot one day, cold the next and everyone’s feeling kind of sick. We obviously need to pay the Weather Tax.