Border walls…

Work! Plain and simple. They work.

I’ve seen the border wall in Israel, and saw the wall in Germany. I’ve flown over the border wall in Spain.

Why are the dems so afraid of admitting that? They’ve voted for it in the past… MULTIPLE times.

Part of this is, IMHO, the fact that they are losing their traditional black base as they get jobs and get off welfare, realizing they CAN earn a good living and not be dependent on the government for everything. This means the dems need a new base, and they believe the illegals are it. Stop them from coming and you stop them ‘growing’ that new base…

And Pelosi, Schumer, et al are catering to the progressive left in their party to remain in nominal control. THEY are the ones holding the American people and the 800,000 people not getting paid hostage.

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  1. Of course walls work. They work even better when there is a systematic resolve to provide defense in depth and the US has the space (much of it without a high population density) to make it work. Which is why the Democrat Party is terrified of it.

  2. Yes, walls work, and the Dems do know this. However, if they go along, then Trump wins…can’t have that as they have jacked their base waaay up over how much an idiot Trump is, PLUS, he came into their sandbox and has been making positive stuff happen for the past 2 years, even with the RINO’s trying to block him. He’s been showing everyone in Washington up. Can’t have that…

    The big problem is, if they go along with the wall funding, then what will the next big news story be? The Dems are still trying to figure out who they are/what they stand for. They tried health care, which has crashed big time, and will continue to do so for a while, so what is the stuff they want to change, that the “normal” folks (think peons) will be willing to go along with. No one wants to touch Social Security, and the budget/deficit stuff is so dry and boring!!

    The Mueller investigation hasn’t produced the results they thought it would, so the Dems are stuck, and have to figure out what their next move to show what their differences are from the Republicans. So for right now, they are stuck being the party of NO! But, they don’t have any solutions to any problem that anyone wants to put into effect either…

  3. I have suggestions for better ways to combine the pitchfork and the Democratic leadership.

  4. Doesn’t even have to be a wall, per se. I have some photos here somewhere I took on the DMZ…

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Yep Walls work, I have seen the Berlin Wall, and patrolled the 1Km zone between East Germany, Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The Democrats voted before for the wall knowing that it would never happen. Now Trump is pushing for the wall and they have cranked their base beyond all reason so they can’t get off the horse without getting thrown. Now word is out that that 30 democrat comgresscritters go to Puerto Rico on a junket and partied and I haven’t seen much mention in the media about this.

  6. Well said and I liked this:

    “Part of this is, IMHO, the fact that they are losing their traditional black base…”

    Right on target. I’d say that they’ve run the numbers and see better potential voting advantage, by far, than they could ever get from the blacks they’ve notoriously failed to help and are busy killing off through Planned Parenthood.

    So ditch the blacks and embrace the peasant influx from the south. But perhaps that’s too cynical and calculating?

  7. Even if the immigrants don’t vote, they are swelling the census in dem strongholds, stealing seats in congress and the electoral college.
    The census must be fixed also.

  8. I’m somewhat of a fixed defenses, stupidity school.

    If we depopulated, defoliated, poisoned the water, destroyed roads and fuel, and killed off the large animals in enough of northern Mexico, we might be able to use a balloon mounted FLIR array to detect any human movement in the new interdiction zone.

    Has the benefit that once you deport people to the middle of the desert, they can be killed, and you don’t have any of this repeat offender nonsense.