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First up- J.F. Posthumus with the first book in the new urban fantasy series- The Fae’s Amulet

The blurb-

What would you do if you had the power to destroy the world…

In her younger years, Catherine Woulfe was known as the Lady of Death…but those days are long past. Now, at over 300 years old, she is older, wiser…and painfully dull. Instead of using her necromancy skills for things like killing people and taking over governments, she now works as a private investigator, helping people find their lost treasures.

But when a charismatic stranger walks through her door, searching for one of the most powerful artifacts ever created, she is drawn into a case where she must use all of her old powers—including several forbidden ones—if she is to find the missing amulet. When the last person to see the amulet goes missing, she realizes it’s time for the Lady of Death to summon her minions and go on the warpath.

Angels and demons are searching for the amulet, as is a mysterious dark elf about whom little is known. Everyone is stalking her, waiting for her to find it so they can grab it for their own; meanwhile, her client has awoken feelings long suppressed, which is proving to be…distracting. Can Catherine find the trail of the thief and recover the amulet before the thief uses it to summon a deity that will destroy the Earth? More importantly, if she gets it, will she give it back?

Next is Laura Montgomery’s latest short- Fractional Ownership

The blurb-

Perpetual plaintiff Lewis Ostrow needs a ticket to Mars. His litigation profile renders him ineligible. Lewis, however, always stands ready to fight the system.

A legal fantasy.

A short story.

A bit of science fiction.

Next up- Stephanie Osborne’s ninth book in the Division One series- Head Games

The blurb-

Two galaxies will go to war—if Fox can’t save Chairbeing Entiyti from assassins.

While Alpha One handles a Nazi zombie apocalypse, an assassin squad catches the Galactic Coalition President by surprise, leaving him at death’s door. Director Fox rushes to his old friend’s side, leaving Echo in charge of the Division.

But when the belligerent Persis Federation arrives from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ennead orders Alpha One on the tricky first-contact mission, hoping to avert intergalactic war. Unfortunately, the Persan premier chooses Omega as his newest concubine, leaving Echo trapped between love and morality, and duty and orders.

On Earth, Ennead member Ordik Adita co-opts the Division directorship, revamping standard procedures, and enforcing his rule with an iron fist. A coup seems in progress.

The question is…how big is it?

And last, but not least, I’ve been remiss in not putting up a promo for my friend Peter Nealan. He’s got 15 novels out in various genres, so HERE is a link to his author page. Gotta support a brother-in-arms, dontcha know… 🙂

Peter Nealen is a former Recon Marine, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and something of an aspiring renaissance man. He has long been a reader of history, philosophy, folklore, science fiction, and fantasy, and is the author of fifteen published novels and several short stories in the action adventure and supernatural thriller genres. 


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  1. You know I ‘identify’ as Mythical. Therefore as a Representative of the the Mythical (Which ability I claim by the expedient of simply saying I can. So there.) I hereby state that you may freely portray the Mythical and if anyone has a problem with it, well too [FORNICATING] bad. It’s their problem and they can have it if they must.

    I do have one minor request, which is should you ever have reason to write ME into anything, make it not-pointless. Write me good, write me evil. Write me hero, write me villain, write me work-a-day (but useful work!), but, please, do not write me dull. And that’s NOT for *me*. Your readers deserve better than dull. Also: I do NOT presume survival. Of course, I also do not presume ever actually appearing at all. Thank you.

    • (Huh. As should be obvious, that was supposed to go with the previous post, “Grumpy…” Pardon the.. misplacement.)

  2. Pete Nealen’s novel “Fury in the Gulf” should be in the Kindle by the time I get done typing this. (Not to be confused with the novel, “Furry in the Gulf”)

    My reading list just gets longer and longer, and that is such a great thing.