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It appears the POS are now ‘infecting’ SF&F Lit Cons…

There are now some discussions going on in various forums about, gasp, panels that ‘do not reflect diversity’ for the topic of the panel. And this is coming from people who ‘volunteered’ to be on those panels, then are calling the organizers out about the lack of diversity.

I really want to ask some of these ‘panelists’, if you were so concerned, WHY did you volunteer for that particular panel? Shouldn’t you have disqualified yourself beforehand since you’re not the correct ‘diversity’?  Just wondering…

Panels at most Cons that I’m aware of are volunteer, not drafted, and sure as hell not paid for appearing on one. Panelists tend to do panels because they believe they have something to share with the attendees that might prompt ideas/research/approaches for characters/characterizations in novels.

We’ve seen what happened with the Hugos, and a couple of other places over the last couple of years with people being disinvited, etc… Now it appears there are moves afoot to, shall we say, broaden their influence by enforcing their beliefs on SF&F in general. When a Lit Con sells out its limited membership in six hours, rather than the normal months plus, it’s enough to make one wonder what is going on…

My comment from FB- Are we to the point that we’re going to have to cancel any panels that discuss aliens, since I don’t think we have any aliens registered? Judging panels by melanin content rather than actual knowledge of the presenters smacks of elitism and implied racism by forcing compliance with the rules the POS are making up as they go along, rather than common sense.

Oh and there are also the ‘implied’ threats… (I’m not identifying the con, but there were similar issues at DragonCon in the fantasy track last year, which, thankfully, the Con leaders tamped down and kicked out the offending track lead) An excerpt-  If it gets in headlines “Con X Hosts All-White Panel on XYZ”, that’s going to be a black eye. Con X will weather it, but it may stop other authors from traveling to the con, given its negative reputation. We could be the subject of articles and tweets and blogs and yes, boycotts. Say what you want about those people who would boycott. Hate their ideology, but I’d rather Con X cancels a few panels than gets a permanent black eye.

If that isn’t a threat, I don’t know what is, of course it’s couched in the typical passive/aggressive language the POS like to use, and when confronted deny and obfuscate, usually something like- Oh, it’s just what I heard might happen, yada, yada, yada.

And don’t get me started on you can’t write ‘diverse’ characters unless you yourself are ‘diverse’…

I write diverse characters that I’ve actually researched, and I actually have alpha and beta readers who ARE diverse and check me on the portrayals and correct use of language, because I believe in trying to give an accurate presentation, not a 2D cardboard cutout or an NPC…

Yesterday was celebrated as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

This quote- “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Seems totally appropriate right now, especially as the POS are determined to drive wedges between races, using those as leverage to get what they want, which is them in charge ‘telling’ us how to act, read, etc.

The only place they haven’t been successful is in the military, because people learn in the military that it is a person’s HEART, not their skin color or ethnicity that matters when it comes right down to it. Did you ever notice you seldom see ex-military people trying to put one group over another?

They know the truth… We see others as brothers and sisters who have written that blank check too, and those friendships endure LONG after one’s military service regardless of race, religion (or lack of), or ethnicity. If you want an example, visit the VA or a veteran’s center. You’ll see that brotherhood/sisterhood in action.

Rant off/kicking the soap box back in the corner.


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  1. They’re working hard at destroying the military. Women in combat roles, promotions based on color and sex to ‘balance’ the force, incessant EO/EEO/EIEIO briefings, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

    And that’s not even including the Puerto Rican mafia.

  2. I recall the eieio briefings and just before I retired in 2011, a briefing about something along the lines of buggary acceptance. I of course skipped it as I was going office to office in the pentagon trying to outprocess. I was soon called in front of an O-6 (just being an O-5 so I still payed minimal attention). I was noted as not having signed in with ssn, to the training. I was then on the receiving end of a black rant that I disrespected the program, didn’t support eieio, etc. I had enough as this was my last stop to freedom. I said I supported eieio more than him and that I was more african american than him so he better check his fire. I’m a white guy and telling him that I was born in SA and left when I was 20 fried his brain gears. I asked him if he ever went to Africa, does he have immediate family living there, can he trace his family back there to the mid 1700s? He was completely speechless so I just left and never looked back. Sometimes the best parting shots are fired in anger. Don’t just burn the bridge, cluster bomb the towns on either side.

  3. McC-And it’s failing miserably, especially with the folks on the pointy end. 🙂

    Jim- LOL, that sounds a lot like what Peter has done a couple of times, and pulling that out of your hat DID fry his whole train of thought. Good friend of mine, Black E-8 did a tour in the US Embassy in South Africa circa 1995. He learned Swahili, and traveled 7 countries as part of his ‘job’, oddly which included Argentina (He still doesn’t know why). He became friends with both Maasai and Zulu tribes in his travels, and learned a good bit of actual tribal history. He came back with an entirely different perspective, and understanding of slavery… And he was hell on sailors that ‘identified’ as African American and played the race card. He would make them watch some of his videos while he lectured them on ‘reality’. So yeah, he was nuking the bridge, AND the surrounding countryside!

  4. Point of related interest: in the Book of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 7, Jesus answered His disciples’ question about what would happen in “the last days”. One of the things He said, as quoted in the King James translation, was “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom”. The translation is inaccurate, in that the original Greek word is ethnos. What Jesus actually said is, “Nation shall rise against nation, and ethnic group against ethnic group.” It’s not hard to see that, now, in any current events.

  5. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about books, is that baring a picture on the back cover, I had no idea of the ethnicity of the author. Even gender can be disguised by a nom de plume. It makes no difference, if the story is enjoyable and the writing is good, I’ll buy the book, buy other books by the same author, and recommend them to others.

  6. Diversity for its own sake, rather than that which occurs naturally as people join a group because of their interest in it or because they were selected based upon their skill set(s) and expertise, is intellectual laziness. It allows one to perform the most perfunctory of explorations, assume a degree of insight on the part of another person, and proceed on without having engaged in any in depth thought or analysis. It is also cowardly. It allows one to say, by actions if not word, “I chose/selected this person, so you can’t call me biased against (insert group).” That the person selected in a raging incompetent is meaningless. It is surely one of the most intellectually and morally vacant concepts of our age.

  7. I’m thinking appropriate reply to the individual making the slightly veiled threat to ConX would be something along the lines of… ” my doctor sent me to ConX and other conventions as a way of coping with and keeping in check my love of flames and fire engines. Since there is no ConX this year I might come hang out in your neighborhood. Thanks for posting clues to your address and a pic of your house. See you soon. ”
    Course, nobody ever accused me of being indirect, or politically correct, for that matter. Lol.

  8. … what NRW said. It’s like beer or whiskey: if it tastes good and I can afford it, it’s good stuff. I don’t really care who made that batch.

    Jim Mars, I used a similar argument to get excused from a lot of the eieio. The last round of eieio was a contributor to retiring; I really didn’t want to be a target for the crime of “breathing while cis-hetero-normal …” Every “but you must …” out of HR or whomever was answered by “personnel acknowledged receiving my retirement package, and this is my clearance sheet. My projected last day is xx yyy zz, before the end of the FY. I’m going off YOUR list for reporting requirements.” Most had the lightbulb moment and cooperated. The others? Well, their clearance blocks had a supervisor or coordinator signature in it, so I didn’t care. Kept a copy of that with my final action moving me to retired, and heard nothing since.

    Hey, can I offer a pro tip for any youngsters reading here? If you get the opportunity, go have lunch with the staff folks, like compliance, maintenance, or personnel on occasion, or drop off a small box of goodies as a thank-you for taking the time to work with you. It earns you a lot of good will. A lot of them are good folks, often answering unreasonable demands from every direction, without much time to do it. They’ll calm down the ones who aren’t worth it.

  9. “Did you ever notice you seldom see ex-military people trying to put one group over another?{” Well, just their own service over the others. I was a missileer in the AF; had enough time in “the holes (33 of them)” to become a “holey ghost”. Yes, I was in the AF “underground”.

  10. It seems like I’m saying this more often, but take notes. The people willing to monkeywrench a perfectly good con will definitely be a factor in the coming unpleasantness.

  11. NRW- Excellent point!

    RM- IMHO it’s nothing more than stereotyping taken to the next level, and you’re exactly right!

    RC- LOL, I ‘like’ the way you think…

    PK- I used to bring them kitchen magnets or Chocolates from Japan. Wroked a charm!!!

    Sam- Well, there IS that part of it… LOL

  12. Two factors at work here (perhaps more). One, SF&F is a predominantly white interest. Most who read and/or write in this genre ar rarely members of the NEW Politically Correct victim classes. They are WHITE, thus this arena is to be infiltrated, subverted and destroyed. Second, any media category that isn’t firmly under the control of those seeking to remake Western white society into what THEY want it to be MUST be conquered or destroyed. No method of indoctrination that does not serve their agenda can be allowed to exist.

  13. Just a comment really not on the subject. But…

    Acronyms, guys. Not everybody knows what they might mean. Example: POS. To me, that means something totally unrelated to authoring.

    So, if you’re going to use an acronym, how about spelling it out the first time so everything will make sense to folks who are not in the “in” crowd.

    Just sayin…

  14. If everyone who is yelling about diversity actually did any real get-sweaty-and-dirty-work, I might pay a tad bit more attention. None of them do that I have seen. And two things I HAVE observed in almost 50 years in the medical field is that everyone puts their pants on the same way, and everyone bleeds red. I am so very sick and tired of hearing folks cry how they are a victim, or we are making everyone else a victim by what WE do or say.

    Someone said something to the effect of Hard men make peace, peaceful times make soft men, soft men make chaos, chaos makes hard men.

    When I look at what is going on in the US as well as in other countries, I think that that saying is more than a little true, and is being proved more true every day.

    If you do not like how the panel is set up, or the folks that volunteered their time, and energy, don’t go to that panel! Duh!! I hope the organizers take notes, and tell the agitator-types “so sorry, the panel you volunteered for is full, maybe next year”, then sit back to watch heads spin.

  15. It seems to me you could replace “lack of diversity” with “divisiveness”, as that is what they intend to create.

  16. Pardon the repeat, but putting this *HERE* as it this is where the thing belongs:

    You know I ‘identify’ as Mythical. Therefore as a Representative of the the Mythical (Which ability I claim by the expedient of simply saying I can. So there.) I hereby state that you may freely portray the Mythical and if anyone has a problem with it, well too [FORNICATING] bad. It’s their problem and they can have it if they must.

    I do have one minor request, which is should you ever have reason to write ME into anything, make it not-pointless. Write me good, write me evil. Write me hero, write me villain, write me work-a-day (but useful work!), but, please, do not write me dull. And that’s NOT for *me*. Your readers deserve better than dull. Also: I do NOT presume survival. Of course, I also do not presume ever actually appearing at all. Thank you.

  17. I’m sick of this diversity crap. All it is is a way to get people who suck at what they do recognition based on a fatuous standard of “diversity.”

    Screw diversity, I want excellence.

    Whether it’s in a doctor, a lawyer, the guy that fixes my car, or someone who is writing a book to entertain me. I don’t care where you’re from, what color your skin is, who you like to sleep with, or who you voted for.

    Just do your fecking job and I’ll be happy. Don’t do your job and you’ll be very UNHAPPY.

    Everything else is just crap.

  18. The wife goes to DragonCon regularly(Not I, it’s just a zoo, waaaay too many people bumbling around for my taste) and we were actually considering ConCarolinas 2018 and then that fiasco over John Ringo being invited happened and we added that con to our do not attend list. Any Con that can’t stand up to people threatening to be disruptive because someone they didn’t like was invited isn’t a Con I’m going to attend/support even if they later grow a backbone backpedal like ConCarolinas did.

    On a side note
    I have been considering LibertyCon in Chattanooga for a couple of years and we finally pulled the trigger on that one. It’s a small con, kept small by its charter very deliberately. They only sell 750 tickets and always have an amazing group of authors/artists/performers/scientific guests in attendance. The crowd is lively and they usually have about 1 to 5 ratio of author/guest to paid members. Apparently it’s not unusual to see impromptu round table discussions with fans and their favorite authors. You almost always see a pretty good sized group of Baen authors there. It’s also just up the road from us in NW GA. If you plan on attending buy the tickets quickly. Libertycon 2018 for some freak reason sold out in just under 6 hours.

    • Sorry that was Libertycon 32 May 31st to June 2nd 2019 that sold out in under 6 hours.