Too good not to share!

So much this!

Thankfully, they don’t have smell-o-vision yet…

This is… just flat mean, unless this was a friend of mine, and she could solve that off the top of her head. 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend!


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  1. The phone booths have definitely changed, but the smell, has not.

  2. The last one is meaner than expected. By inspection, there’s a pole at x = 1, and it heads to infinity. Dang, I’ll have to unarchive some books to solve that; been a long time.

  3. In reference to the toilet paper roll direction.
    What about the impact of the Coriolis Effect?

  4. LL- Good point… ESPECIALLY Madrid… Yech…

    PK- I just looked at it and shook my head. 🙂

    John- LOL.

  5. Many years ago, at a local college, I heard a guy in the stall next to me talking and laughing in a weird way.
    I finished and saw the receptionist and told her that I thought someone was having an episode, describing what I heard.
    She almost called 911,
    Then we saw the guy leave the bathroom leaning into his cell phone.
    Novel sight at the time.
    We both laughed.
    I hate when I go to the bathroom and forget my phone.
    I’m forced to actually think about stuff.

  6. I originally thought ‘that is not too bad’, because I misread the integral as only being for the numerator.

  7. TP: Coriolis effect is ZERO. Parallel to the ground; too slow; too much friction from the cardboard insert.
    Now, if you have a cat, you’ll want the roll reversed…if it likes to play with the TP.

    Cell phones: I see people talking to themselves, and then see the ear-bud, speaker tube, and wire…

    I don’t talk to myself, not out loud, anyway. Wouldn’t want folks to think I’m weirder than they already think.

  8. Sam L – Our cat doesn’t care which direction the roll is. He is all in for destroying it.

  9. Ah, phone booths. Most had a handy supply of toilet paper. Not soft but there if the need was great. You could also look up phone numbers on it before use.

  10. The TP diagram is inconclusive without a wall for reference. 🙂

  11. Gave a co-worker the house lock combination in a publicly-accessible pen-and-paper note. Partly in Binary Coded Decimal and partly in Binary Coded Octal. He figured it out but didn’t enjoy it. Luckily, we didn’t use hexadecimal at the time.
    If it had been a calc formula, I would’ve used a brick through the window.

  12. The cash card pin nas started a week-long discussion in the Kratskeller on Baen’s Bar. The argument is about the solution for the equation. There’s two mathematicians arguing over it.