Teh stoopid…

Between the Dems in Virginia, by the way, what happened to ‘You must believe the women?’ And the idjits on the house oversight panel today, it’s been an amazing week in politics.

I absolutely could not believe the crap coming out of politicians mouths during that hearing today. The acting AG was called everything in the book except competent, and it was sheer political theater on the Dem’s part. If you ever wanted to see the swamp in action, today would have been the day to do it.

I really need to invent a bulletproof screen to put over the TV, I could make a fortune!!!

All the BS over blackface has me wondering where/how these people grew up. Did they not ever interact with blacks? We did, and we’d never have thought of doing anything like that, because we knew not only the kids, but the parents.

Is the next step that anyone who camouflaged their face in the military for operations or training going to harassed for using blackface? And how sad is it that it could even be considered?

And the whole green energy thing? Really? Replace cars, trucks, busses, trains, and airplanes in 10 years? DO THE MATH- Impossible. The simple fact is ‘green energy’ isn’t. The amount of petroleum required to PRODUCE those green energy systems outweighs the total output over those systems during their lifetimes. Why do you think all the wind farms change hands every 10 years? They lose the ‘subsidy’ and tax write off. Next company gets it for 10 more, lather, rinse, repeat… Oh, and the ‘power’ produced by wind isn’t stable. Neither is solar. And Nuke plants are right off the table, because of the econazis protests, even though they are the safest, cleanest, 50 year power plants.

I swear the dems are determined to turn the USA into a third world country… Sigh…


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  1. Given that they were white elites in Virginia, I suspect they didn’t interact with Blacks much if at all, and there is a strong possibility that their parents were part of the pushback against civil rights in the 60’s.
    I hadn’t thought of it, but now that I have it makes ALOT of sense…

    • The people who have to get shit done for a living know that racism is just a divisive tool of the people who do nothing but take from others.

  2. > green energy

    “But I WANT! NOW! NOW! GIVE IT TO MEEE! Or I’ll just keep throwing a fit until you give me what I want!”

    Seems to be their normal policy…

  3. Old NFO, you left us with a “fell of a hess”, back here in VA. The smug Gov. thought he’d cram some gun control down our throats, but alas, right now he couldn’t get a “dog catcher” bill passed. The problems of the Lt. Gov. & Attorney General, will probably save the Gov.’s ass. We live in interesting times !!!

  4. Yes! Thanks for that bit about why they thought blackface was appropriate at all.

    I grew up in the deep south and never, ever would have thought that was cool. I don’t know anybody who ever did that. I’m not saying there weren’t racists, but doing blackface or re-enacting lynchings was not something considered acceptable.

    I think Jonathan may have hit the nail on the head… it’s a difference between the higher class and the lower classes.

    • Those who think they are “higher class” usually demonstrate that they’re NOT.

  5. There is a transparent cover you can buy to go over the TV screen. It protests the TV from thrown objects and more important, protects children from a broken TV screen.

  6. Ah, the “Green New Deal,” the only thing “Green” about it is the amount of green it will cost. Solar power is one of the highest cost power systems on a dollars per installed kilowatt basis. In addition, solar power on an industrial scale is only viable in areas with a large number of sunny days, preferably in southern latitudes. The greater demand is in the Northeast and Upper Midwest, therefore requires transmission lines and subsequent line losses from the plants mostly located in the south and west.

    Likewise Wind power requires constant wind, and is not suitable for urban areas. Wind turbines are usually located in remote areas with harsh weather environments. As expected the mechanical system including the drive train requires constant maintenance with resulting high cost and short productive lifetime.

    The inconsistent nature of solar and wind power means that neither is suitable as a replacement for fossil fueled power in a modern, industrial society.

    • And all of these have parts that wear out for which there is a concomitant cost (in dollars and energy and raw materials) to make new parts, replace the parts, and recycle the broken parts.

      • I live very close to a windmill farm (what do windmill seeds look like?) in central Colorado/west Kansas. For the amount of energy that these things generate, they take up a whale of a lot of real estate. Some landowners must be making a killing leasing out property to grow these things.
        OTOH, several years ago DoD had to kill a planned farm in the Chesapeake Bay – it was going to severely mess with the Atlantic Test Range’s radar and telemetry, especially their RCS measurement. Another side effect of huge moving blades, besides noise and killing birds.

    • “The inconsistent nature of solar and wind power means that neither is suitable as a replacement for fossil fueled power in a modern, industrial society.” Which is why I suspect the Lefties love it.

  7. Here is the $10 Million question. Why has no one brought up the Hillary blackface photo, I have not seen it mentioned on any of the news / commentary shows nor have I seen it except as posts on FB by my my most, shall I say, ultra right wing friends? If I were the Va. Governor, I would be asking why no one said or is saying anything to Hillary about her picture. Is everyone afraid they will commit suicide with 2 bullets to the back of the head?

  8. “I swear the dems are determined to turn the USA into a third world country”

    You hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head. Most lefties think that THEY will be exempt from the fall-out though; they will be the ones in charge, the rules/consequences won’t apply to them, etc…..

  9. But, but, wind and solar are such appealing ideas! Especially if you ignore the numbers. And facts ‘n stuff.

    NPR interviewed an “expert” recently about the blackface kerfluffle. Conclusion: Mickey Mouse is based on vaudeville blackface (that’s why Mick wears white gloves) and is offensive. Doesn’t matter if you never made the connection, you’re a racist for watching Mickey. I’m surprised PETA isn’t (yet) up in arms over Pluto’s portrayal.

  10. BP- No idea… sigh

    George- Damn good question!

    John- They wish…

    Robert- There is that… And I hadn’t heard the Mickey Mouse thing! WOW

  11. Better off ignoring the news completely. All it does is raise one’s blood pressure… and it’s totally predictable; one won’t miss anything if one ignores it.

  12. Agree with Ian. It’s time to watch reruns of the 2019 Puppy Bowl.

  13. The dumpster fire in VA is hysterical. How on earth did Northam suceed in politics? Every time he opens his mouth he pushes his foot further in.

  14. PK- Probably…

    WSF- Me too!

    PH- No idea, other than he’s a Dem, so he got a pass, until now…

  15. Ya missed the ‘perfect’ headline: Teh stoopid it berns. You can thank me later 😉

  16. You can make the TV screen bullet proof but the bullets will ricochet and that’s not a good thing either.

    • Maybe make the area BEHIND the tv a type of bullet trap or clearing barrel?

  17. I was gonna be clever about the TV screen, but LL beat me to the punch.
    That protective cover also needs to absorb the energy!