Quick hit- LTUE

Day one- Good panels, at least the ones I could get in. My one panel for the day was Self-defense, and we think it came off fairly well. Interesting questions, and lively chats after the panel, which seems to be a default. Most of the between panel time was catching up with friends, and trying to figure out when/where to eat. Lots of kids, the vast majority very well behaved, or asleep…LOL

The con volunteers are doing and excellent job of steering people in the right direction, and getting panels started/ended on time.

Seems like ‘certain’ panels are drawing MUCH better than expected, which happens, sadly usually when it’s a small room to start with.


Quick hit- LTUE — 1 Comment

  1. Oddly enough, it happens at academic conferences, too. “Oh, this one on random things in Europe before 1914 won’t draw many people” and it was standing room only with overflow. The “major professors discuss major things” panel was a third full. Who’d have thought that trains in Austria and hydro-power in Switzerland, and skiing in interwar Germany, would be such a big draw?

    Glad things are going well!