LTUE Day 2…

More panels, more ‘fun’ times… We are the few LibertyCon regulars, but By Gnu we’re having fun! 🙂

I’m tired, dogs are barking, and my butt hurts from the ‘conference’ seats…

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LTUE Day 2… — 7 Comments

  1. It sounds like fun and I’m looking forward to your next series, likely inspired by this conference and hanging out with your crew.

  2. Exclamation How did libertycon Pass Me By? My life is so bad that things are just flying by me and I’m not noticing or seeing or listening. I need out of school!

    • Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone by a long-shot. It sold out so quickly that there were actually concerns someone bought a block of tickets, either to resell (aka scalp) or for a less honest and upright purpose. Apparently it was just that LibertyCon is that popular.

  3. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, ideas were bandied about…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  4. $HOUSEMATE and I purposely delayed our usual routine to sign up early for LibertyCon… and we were mighty glad we did! By the time we got back from a breakfast out, it was already crazy how fast things were moving. Sold out before my bedtime, which was boggling as only a couple years before I signed up *months* after the initial opening.

  5. I expected at least a day to sell out LibertyCon. For 2020 I’ll have to get the regular date and sign up ASAP. Looks like high quality program and limited SJW convergence or grief, at least for now.

    Maybe get to LTUE in that timeframe, but first need to unarchive some old pieces and work up something new.