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First up is a book bomb from Larry-

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Our book is:

Sakura: Intellectual Property
by Zachary Hill

From Larry: Zach was a very good friend of mine and one of the all around coolest people I’ve ever met.  He finished the rough draft of this novel three days before he died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism.

Paul Genesse and Patrick Tracy are talented authors, who were also friends of Zach’s, and they vowed to finish his last book and get it out there because Zach thought it was the best thing he’d ever written.

No matter how good you are, rough drafts still need lots of work, and working with Zach’s brother Josh, and a great team of artists (it is beautifully illustrated) and editors, they did a fantastic job. They’ve received no compensation for this. It was done as a  labor of love, and all the royalties go to Zach’s widow, Makenzie.

Larry’s full post is HERE.

Second is a benefit anthology from LTUE, Trace the Stars.

The blurb-

Exciting Space Opera and Hard Science Fiction Tales from Award-Winning and Up-and-Coming Writers

A consultant discovers how to communicate effectively with ancient, alien beings who have an entirely different perspective on the universe. A human becomes a hero for his actions, even though they were after his death. Hard choices must be made to save loved ones. When trying to prevent imminent death, insanity becomes an asset. These are only a few of the amazing stories waiting within these pages!

Journey into the last frontier with these seventeen tales of wonder and science, including award-winning stories by some of the top writers in science fiction and brand new tales by promising up-and-comers.

Hemelein Publications, in cooperation with LTUE Press, is proud to present this exciting collection of space opera and hard science fiction tales. We created this anthology to honor Marion K. “Doc” Smith, the original faculty mentor behind the creation of Life, the Universe, & Everything, the annual science fiction and fantasy academic symposium held in Provo, Utah. Proceeds from this volume, and those that follow in the coming years, go to support LTUE’s mission of educating and helping new writers, artists, editors, and other creatives in learning the skills they need to become successful in the speculative fiction field.

Trace the Stars collects stories from Nancy Fulda, Sandra Tayler, Kevin J. Anderson, Brad R. Torgersen, M. K. Hutchins, Eric James Stone, Daniel Friend, Emily Martha Sorensen, David Farland, John M. Olsen, James Wymore, Eric G. Swedin, Jaleta Clegg, Paul Genesse, Wulf Moon, Beth Buck, and Julia H. West. 

Both of these are for damn good causes! Thanks!


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  1. You had me at “hard science” and “space opera.”
    And I’ll join in on the book bombing because the book sounds interesting.
    The “must read” list just keeps getting longer and longer.

    Thank you for the heads up.